What Is The Easiest Way To Build An Website

Easiest way to make a website

For an Affiliate Marketer website building is a most crucial part for their successful busiess.

Yes, you can do Affiliate Marketing without website but it will be more  successful business if you have your own niche website.

If you are a beginner you may need some basic knowledge for website building.

I am here for help you.

Know Basics

The main three area you need to know before start building your website

  1. Website Building Platform
  2. Domain 
  3. Website Hosting Service

What is Website Building Platform?

If you want to build a website you need some tools to make your website. That is Website Building Platform.

Website building platform

What is Domain?

Domain is an address where people will find your website. Its just a simple URL.

What is Webhosting?

Website hosting platform

Website hosting is a service which will connect your website to Internet.

I can give you a quick example.

If you want a business,at first you need an office or building where people can find your physical location. That’s you could compare with web hosting. Web hosting is just simple where you go to put your website to host. Like a land of your Business.

Domain you could compare with your Business physical address.

And when you want to build your Business physical building you always need some tools to build a building.That’s you can compare with Website Building Platform.

That’s it.

Steps To Follow For make Your Website:

Now you could follow the following steps to Build your first Website.

Choose Your Website Building Platform 

For Website Building you need some tools to allow its construction.And this tools is your website building Platform.

You can find Free as well as paid Website building Platform. Here is some popular website building platform where you can get free and paid version

But my Best Recommend is to use WordPress.


For Affiliate Marketing and if you are a beginner WordPress is best for you. Its Free and easy to use.

Pick a Domain name and Website Hosting Service:

Whenever you choose your web hosting service you should consider how reliable it is. Sometimes You could have to pay some small fees for that.

For Domain name and Website hosting you will get following options

  • BlueHost– Price($2.75/month)
  • HostGator-Price($2.99/month)
  • GoDaddy-Price($2.49/month)
  • Ipage-Price($1.99/month)
  • SiteGround-Price($3.95/month)

My best Recommend is to use BlueHost 

Because its Price is reasonable.BlueHost has excellent customer service. And this is the best reliable hosting service provider where you can keep your trust for your Domain and your Website hosting.

 Setup Your Website:

Now start setup your website from here…….

  • Choose an option.you could start with Basic option       
  • Now in the sign up page you can choose a new Domain name  or if you already have a Domain name you can put it here, click next   
  • In create account page you put all your information and submit   
  • After submit that page you will go to Welcome page where asked to put password.Create an account by put a password
  • Now you can log in and choose your website theme. And it will automatically setup your website in WordPress platform
  • When you finished installing your WordPress you can see -Start Building Page. Click there it will take you to your Web backside Dashboard where you can Customize your website.

Your Website is Ready. Have Fun.

 Customize it:

When you log in to your website back Dashboard you can see first time this page.

customize website

This is your Dashboard. In left column you can see all those steps where you can play around with your website and customize it.

Here is a quick tour for WordPrss Dashboard…..


 Put some Resource into your Website:

Your website is almost done. Now time to put some resource into it. As an Affiliate Marketer you job is to create some quality content for your website. When you go to your Dashboard you can see in post and page on column.you can write and post your content there.

When you post your content you can check its preview and if you want you can edit and update anytime.Or yes don’t forget to insert some images and video on your content which will increase your ranking in SEO.

That’s it.All Done

Final Thought

If you are a beginner….

  • Want more help?
  • want to create website without spend a single penny?

You can do it.

Just click in here and create a free account where you will get all those help. You can create 2 websites totally free and you will get all details guidance.

I will be there.

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