What Is an Avon Representative Role: Is It Right for You?

what is avon representative role

When you come across the word “Avon,” you immediately think of your mom’s perfume or your first ever lip gloss. You might also remember salesmen and women with catalogs at hand and a ready smile. Yes, Avon is a household name since then.

But have you ever wondered though of what it’s like to be those salesmen? What are the earnings like, and can it be a possible venture for you? Before we get into the world of Avon’s representative, you need to know Avon first.


Avon Company Overview

Avon started back in 1886. Now, it is one of the biggest MLM (Multi-Level Marketing) company in the world. As the second-largest MLM company in the world, it rakes in at least billions of dollars a year. How crazy is that!

Avon is a company that sells various products from cosmetics, home care solutions, personal hygiene, ready to wear clothes, jewelry, and more.


They operate in many countries around the globe. It reaches even countries that you can’t name. Avon products sell mainly through their salespersons and teams called the “Avon Representatives.”


What Is The Avon Representative Role?

Avon representatives are sometimes referred to as “Independent Contractors,” or “Independent Sales Representative.”

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What does this mean?

Avon gives the selling right of its products to Avon representatives with a commission. Meaning, Avon will let you sell their products to customers. Once you sold a product to a customer, you get a commission from the products sold. Being an independent contractor means you are free to do selling whenever and wherever you like.

The commission is your part of the pie of the product sales. The commission is your reward for selling the product. The higher the number of products you sold, the higher your commission gets. Pretty basic right?

There are many ways to sell an Avon product. You can do it through person to person, MLM, kiosk, or sometimes online basis.

  • Person to person basis: This is the oldest way of selling in Avon. Basically, an Avon representative goes to your doorstep and sells his products. You browse through his catalog, and you pick a product of your choice.
  • MLM basis: An Avon representative can create a team under him. The members of the team are Avon representatives too. Once a member of your team sold a product, you get a commission from it.
  • Kiosks: See the little retail spaces and Avon stores in malls? Sometimes, Avon representatives use these spaces to sell Avon products or to recruit for their team.
  • Online: Avon’s website can let you buy selected items from either a local representative or directly from the Avon brand. The price of the item is the same whether you buy it through an Avon representative or directly from Avon.


What Are Your Earnings Like as An Avon Representative?

We will do a little math today, so please bear with me.

So far, here’s what we got.

Direct Sales:

  • You can get at least 20% out of all the sales. So, if in a week, you sold $100, you get $20.
  • You can get up to 40% of your overall sales exceed $500 worth of sales.

MLM Incentives:

  • The MLM scheme is divided into four parts; Executive Leader, Leader, Ambassador, and Promoter (Highest to lowest).
  • The higher you climb up the ladder, the larger is your MLM incentive.

Are you still confused? Try to read personal blogs from Avon representatives to get a clearer view of the MLM scheme.


The Advantages For The Avon Representative Role


  • Avon is a long-standing business of 130 years:

It’s hard not to trust Avon because it has a long-standing presence in the industry already. Meaning, they are an experienced MLM brand. They already went through all the possible problems an MLM company can come across. So far, the company is doing good. Although they faced some lawsuits (yikes) in history, they are still here to stay.

  • It’s easy to become a member of the Avon representative team

Anybody can almost be a member of the Avon representative team. If you have $25 in your pocket, you are in.

You own your time. You don’t have to punch in your time in an office every day. This feature can let you do this part-time or full-time. Plus, you get to do your own strategy in selling. Any ideas you’ve got if it is aligned with the Avon vision is okay.

  • Avon gives training

Avon is generous in giving training lessons for new Avon representatives. This means a lot because you will learn tons of things about selling, speaking in public, proper grooming, and more.


The Disadvantages For Being An Avon Representative

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  • The Avon representative role remains outdated:

In its first years, the role of an Avon representative is a fresh idea. Today, stay at home jobs are changing into a more profitable venture. The thought of meeting a company marketer in your doorstep with a catalog at hand is becoming a hassle.

Today, people prefer to shop online. Dropshipping sites and companies like Amazon are what’s “in” right now. With just a click in that little shopping cart icon, your item can be delivered right at your doorstep in about three days.

  • Avon competing with their own sales representatives:

Avon’s website can let you buy Avon items from either a local representative or directly from the Avon brand. Avon has the same price for an item whether you buy it from an online representative or directly from them.

If you bought the item through the representative link, the representative gets a commission. However, if you bought a product through their direct link, there will be no commission for the representative. Avon competes with its own online representatives, and they always win almost every time because Avon has a faster mode of delivery.

  • There are many Avon representatives for competition.

Since Avon is 130 years old already, Avon gathered a lot of Avon representatives. Meaning, the competition just got tighter and tighter. This would be a headache, especially if you wanted to build a team.

  • Being an Avon representative is not a walk in the park.

Being an Avon representative is a lot like establishing your own business. You oversee almost everything. You sell your products, you do the delivery, and you process the payment. Plus, selling an item is also not easy as you are competing against giant cosmetic brands like L’Oréal, Mary Kay, and more.


Is The Avon Representative Role Right For You?

An Avon representative can only do so well if that someone is a go-getter and has a huge down line of team members. Otherwise, if you are an average Avon promoter, the life of an Avon representative might not be for you.

Plus, the competition in recruiting your own members is tight too. The increased competition in recruitment is since almost all Avon representatives are recruiting too.

In these endless numbers of troubles, is there any part-time or online selling job to cling at? Lucky you because what I’m proposing might be the next best thing right now.

There are many business and sales ventures that you can explore, for example, the “Online Business.” The online business is an attractive venture due to its various beneficial factors. If you compare it to the traditional MLM scheme, online business is winning in a lot of things.

In an online business, you do not need to print out brochures or drive to your neighbor’s door to deliver their products. You can do all these with just a swipe of your fingers and an internet connection. You also do not need to devote all your time to recruiting members for Avon instead of selling your own brand.


Final Thought

Being an average Avon representative does not benefit you frankly speaking. As you make Avon even more popular, they get richer and you, poorer. It’s time to step up and do your own thing. Building your own online business gives you the freedom to create your own brand and your own company.

But should you quit being an Avon representative? This decision is entirely yours. Instead of getting stuck to the old-fashion way of selling, why don’t you venture into the world of online business? You get to be your own boss, and the sky’s the limit in terms of income and business strategy.

You can either select affiliate marketing or social media marketing. You have the freedom to do an overseas delivery option and tweak all the possible options for that. The best thing above all is you get to bring all potential incomes from your hard work.

Finally, try to be creative in doing business. Do not just rely on the old way of selling. Innovate!

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