VIPKID Scam-Read This Article Before You Apply


I used to teach the children when I was a college student. That time if we want to be a private tutor either we had to go to student place or a student come to us to get tuition.

But time has changed. Now the system comes, you can teach the student through online. Yes, that’s right. VIPKID is one of the platforms whereas a teacher you can teach (English language) student through online and earn money from home.

There is plenty of discussion around us going on that VIPKID is a scam. So in this review I will discuss all those issue and end of this review show you is VIPKID scam or not. So, stay with me.

VIPKID Overview


VIPKID or VIPkid was founded by Chindy Mi in 2013. VIPKID is an online-focused English teaching service, mainly for Chinese students ranging in age from 4 to 12.

Whoever wants to work with VIPKID as a teacher they must be one English speaker from the United States or Canada.

In 2017 VIPKID launched a new service to teach young student age between 5 to 12 from Mandarin.

From the beginning, VIPKID has experienced rapid growth for English lesson by the strong Chinese market.

In November 2018 report says VIPKID having 60,000 teachers who teach around 500,000 students (Sources-Wikipedia).

How Does VIPKID Works

As you already know VIPKID is an online teaching platform, as a teacher you have to teach the English language to Chinese students online.

VIPKID has its own online student portal to teaches a student. So, you may have to teach the student by Skype or through their own online classroom.

Now if you want to be VIPKID online English teacher you have to go through some process.


For work with VIPKID, you need to consider the following requirements. If you meet, then you can apply,

  • You need a bachelor’s degree (any field)
  • At least one-year teaching experience
  • A teaching qualification (ESL or any subject) is preferred but not essential.
  • You have to be eligible to work in the US or Canada
  • You need to be fluent in English
  • You need a Device or good Internet connection

Application Process:

After meeting all those requirements, you need to go through the following process to work with the VIPKID.

VIPKID application process


At first, fill out the application form which you will find through their website.


After you fill the form, they will invite you for a demo interview. VIPKID will provide you all the information and resources which you need. You need to pretend to teach a 5-year-old student, where you interviewer will pretend the 5-year-old position.


When you passed your demo interview you will enter the certification center and you need to take mock classes to teach VIPKID’s courses.


In the last process, you need to sign your contract with VIPKID through online and you have to upload your documents.

How Much Will You Get Paid

VIPKID claims they paid their teachers up to $22 per hour. But how their payments work let’s see,

Mainly your pay will depend on how many bookings you get.

  • As a basic rate, you will get $7-9 for per class or $14 -18 for per hour.
  • But they pay some incentives. Depends on if you could come on time for your classes and if you could finish all your given classes.
  • So, on average if you follow all those rules regulation and you could finish more than 45 classes per month you can earn an average $18-22 per hour.

What I liked About VIPKID

I Like

  • As you have seen above VIP kid payment plan, I will say they have a good payment because you are working from home, so that is a very good income if you could add.
  • VIPKID has very good training resources, they will provide you all the basic training which you need to start your job.
  • They have flexible working hours, so you can decide how many hours you want to work with them.
  • VIPKID has very well bonus or Incentives systems where you can earn some bonus by fulfilling some little requirements.

What I Didn’t Like About VIPKID

What I Don't Like

  • The main problem with VIPKID is Taxes, as you will work as an independent contractor- you are liable to pay your own tax.
  • VIPKID is one of the online-based platforms, so if you got any Internet connection problem then you can’t teach that time. All the time you have to rely on the Internet, that means you need a good Internet connection to teach your students.
  • Another problem is, in case if you need to cancel any pre-booked classes for an emergency reason, you need to follow their cancellation policy. If you access the cancellation requirements (Too many cancellations) you could be terminated from your contract.
  • Different time zone could be a problem. You need to follow the Chinese time zone.
  • You can’t expect fixed hours. So, in that case, you can’t have any fixed income, that means you will not be sure how much you going to earn every month.
  • You have to be A bachelor’s degree holder, otherwise, you can’t apply.
  • If you are outside of the US and Canada that is going to be an issue to apply for VIPKID teacher position.


I will not say VIPKID is a scam because it is not. If you are interested to work from home and you love to teach, this opportunity could be great for you. Yes, I understand they have some disadvantages, like other company but overall, I could say this is a legit company, not SCAM.

If you scammed by any of the work from home opportunity,check “The best ways to avoid work home scam online” and keep you safe for future.

Some Common Questions Asked About VIPKID

How much does VIPKID cost?

If you are looking VIPKID teacher for your children, then you have to pay an average $18.90 for a 25-minute session.

And if you want to be a VIPKID teacher, you don’t need to spend money, like no cost, just follow the application process and requirements.

Will VIPKID do a background check?

No, instead of them you need to pass a background check to get VIPKID opportunity.

How much a VIPKID teacher get paid?

Check the “How Much Will You Get Paid” section.

How many hours you can work with them?

It was before, 7.5 hours per week minimum requirement but now you can work on your demands.

Does VIPKID require a degree?

Yes, at least a bachelor’s degree.

How much you can earn per month?

You can check “How Much Will You Get Paid” section to know how much you could get per hour or session. But how much you will earn per month; it depends on how many sessions and how much hour’s task you get each month.

How many teachers they have?

According to their website, they claimed currently they have more than 70,000 teachers.

Do you need a very high-speed Internet connection for work with VIPKID?

You need a very good speed internet connection, like 10mbphs download and 2mbphs upload speed will do.

Where is VIPKID located?

Headquarter is in Beijing.

Which device required for work with VIPKID?

Desktop computer or laptop is a must. You could use MAC or Surface as well. Don’t forget you need a device integrated with a camera, headset with a microphone requires as well.

Is VIPKID a multilevel company?

VIPKID has a teacher referral system, but that doesn’t call a multilevel system.

Do I need to sign a contract paper with VIPKID?

Yes, online contract from.

My Final Thought

VIPKID is one of the most well-known online teaching platforms. If you love to teach, you can go with it. I will not call this is a scam because it is not a scam. But overall if you are not happy with some of the issues with VIPKID, like the requirements, payment system, Taxes or any other Issue or you couldn’t meet VIPKID requirement-Don’t be upset then, still, you can work in online. Just check My #1 recommendation.

After all of these, if you still have any queries about VIPKID or my recommendation please let me know by comment section in below, I will be happy to help you.

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