Vindale Research Is A Scam-Read The Real Fact

Vindale research is a scam

I have seen many people personally who interested to earn money by survey online. But how efficient it is, do you think by doing some survey you can make enough money which can replace your 9-5 work?

Welcome to my Vindale Research review. I will give my honest opinion today about one of the well-known survey site Vindale research.

What Is Vindale Research?

what is vindale research

Vindale Research is a company that pays cash rewards to people for giving feedbacks on consumer products, taking online surveys, and more, relating to some online tasks. It is available in the United States, Canada, and the UK.

Vindale research claims that they have worked with some popular companies like Netflix, Disney, and Amazon.

Who’s For Vindale Research?

Vindale research is for people who are looking for extra money online, and who have the patience to do some tasks and answering surveys online. Also, for people who enjoy watching videos and have a wide source of friends online because Vindale research offers a referral bonus. This is also good for the housewife who can do an extra job at home while doing other house chores.

If you are living in the allowed countries, you can join in Vindale research. It’s not available worldwide. The people you can refer to Vindale research are only limited to the said countries.

How Many Ways You Can Make Money From Vindale Research?

how many ways make money from vindale research

Vindale Research offers various ways to make money online. You can choose what will make you comfortable to do.

There are 7 ways to earn money from Vindale Research such as taking surveys which pay a small amount and you have to earn enough cash to withdraw your earnings, by watching short videos and ads, reward codes, product reviews, email affiliate links, referral bonus and by posting your photo with your proof of payout.

How Does Vindale Research Work?

Vindale Research has no registration fee to become a member, you just need an email address and fill out some of your personal details. Once your email has verified you can start to do the tasks.

There are several ways to work with it. The most popular way is by taking surveys, once you are qualified to join the survey panels, you will get the opportunities to earn.

Vindale Research provides lots of new surveys every day, so filling out your complete profile can help ensure that you get matched to as many as possible daily.

They also offer a referral program where you can get rewards by inviting people to join.

There is also an incentive when you follow Vindale research on any social media accounts, they give reward codes posted on social media.

Product or service testing online for free is also available on Vindale research, you have to unsubscribe to these trials because it will charge you in the next months. Watching videos, these videos are usually ads for new products or promos.

Vindale research does not have a mobile app but they have a unique web design that can fit on a device you are using but it doesn’t work on all mobile phones.

How Much Money You Can Make From Vindale Research?

Vindale Research has many ways to make money online, but it’s not as big as you expected. To encase the reward cash, you have to reach their quota.

When you have signed up on Vindale research you get $1.

The surveys can give you $.50 to $50 depending on the information you provide and the length of time you have to spend on answering those surveys.

The referral bonus gives $5 for every person you get to sign up, you can invite people to limited countries only.

Vindale research gives a small amount for watching short videos ranging from $.01 to $.25, the longer you watch the videos, the more reward you can get, it may take few hours per day to earn more.

You will also get $5 when you post your picture with your check on Vindale research’s testimonial as proof of getting your earnings, you can get this bonus for one time only.

The minimum payout you can cash out from Vindale research is $50 and you can request it by PayPal or through mail check. Payment processed every 15th and end of the month. Vindale Research gives only a little amount on every task, to collect the $50 might take a long way to earn.

The money you can make from working on Vindale research will depend on your hard work and the length of time you spend online. So, it requires much time sitting in front of your computer to have a chance to earn enough cash.

What I Like About Them


  • Vindale research provides a quick service support team that can reach through phone or email.
  • It is free to sign up on their website.
  • They offer a referral bonus scheme.

What I Don’t Like About Them

dont like

  • The minimum amount is too high before you get your payment from Vindale research.
  • Vindale Research is limited in certain countries only.
  • They have some misleading trial offers that require payment before you earn cash.
  • You will not get a reward when you have been screened out, because you do not complete the survey.
  • Some emails and calls from other companies are not related to the Vindale research task. It’s just a waste of time.

Is Vindale Research a scam? (My Honest Opinion)


There are many complaints and issues on Vindale Research, and there are also some positive comments from other members.



Vindale research is not really a scam but there are several issues regarding their offers, the trial offers which require payment before you join and earn money from them. It may lead you to charges if you forget to cancel these trial offers, you have to be careful on subscribing on their offers that require a credit card information. They send the link of surveys from other companies, which will make you confuse if those companies will give you the credit for the surveys you have been participating.



There are also issues regarding the deleted accounts without any reason, of some members who signed up on Vindale research. The problem of small payment will make it hard to meet the minimum cash out. Receiving a lot of spams to your email is too annoying because they are sending some irrelevant mail which is not related to Vindale research. It’s important that you are aware of the terms and conditions to avoid being blocked from your account and you will not be able to get your earnings.



Vindale research will not make you rich or can replace your primary job. Is it just an option to make extra money while you’re at home? Most members are not satisfied with their rewards, it’s a bit depressing because they didn’t get enough amount for what they have worked for and have to wait long to achieve the $50 before they can cash out the money.



There is nothing special on Vindale research, it’s also like the other making money online company that offers many options to earn money. Vindale research needs a lot of time to do the tasks online because you cannot make a few cash if you only spend an hour every day.



They have many survey partners but there is no assurance if you can participate because they have qualifications before you can join. Some companies are looking for an exact demographic to be used in their surveys. A survey is the main source or making money, but you have to mind that it is not easy to get quality on these surveys.

Final Thought

Vindale Research seems legit, they claim that they have paid over $6 million to all members, but I cannot recommend their service because of some issues and complains from several members. These problems left unresolved and they didn’t recover their account and didn’t receive the payment from Vindale Research. So, there’s a risk to join on Vindale Research because you never know that the same problem might happen to you.

Vindale research is only good for your spare time, an extra activity when you’re not doing much work at home. If you really want to make money online check my #1Recommendation.

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