The Best 4 Work From Home Jobs For Nurses

Best work from home jobs 4 nurse

When we heard about Nurse profession, we think either they work in Hospital or Doctor’s chamber, Care Home or they could be community nurse. But now the time has changed, there are plenty of opportunities where a nurse can work from home as well.

If you are a Nurse or RN who are in Health Profession or you could be a Retired Nurse but looking some extra income or a full-time work from home opportunity, this article will help you to find out- as a Nurse, How You Can Earn Extra Money From Home.

How A Nurse/RN Can Earn Money From Home

Now millions of people are attracting Work from Home Opportunity. Because this is the best opportunity whether a full-time mum or a Professional person can generate money from home like you who is a Nurse.

Because for a Nurse, when the time comes, if you need to look after your children or it could be any health issues that You can’t go out and do your profession.

In this situation if you think, you can’t earn through your profession -it is wrong. Because You have a qualification, you can still help people through your professional skills and knowledge, but an only need-bit different way to use this skill.

Here are “The Best 4 Work From Home Jobs For Nurses” – where you can generate income either a full-time or a part-time with the present job and You can make decent money.

1. Medical Transcription

Medical Transcription (MT) is a service where an Allied health professional (Nurse, Physician, and other Health Care Practitioner) deal a process where they Transcribed Medical report by voice record.

All you must do through computer and internet that means you can work from home.

Medical Transcription Job

Yes, as a medical transcriptionist you can work from home and earn extra money but to be qualified for this position you must take some specific training.

Training usually takes from 6 months to up to 2 years. Training includes Computer application, Pathology, Anatomy, and some medical transcription skills.

As a medical transcriptionist, you could earn an average of $34,000 annually.

You could do medical transcription training online or offline. Here are some resources you could consider.

                   * Medical Transcription Training Online 

                * Medical Transcriptions Online Training diploma program

Now if you are looking opportunity for medical transcriptionist position, you could check the following companies who hire medical transcriptionist.

* Nuance Transcription Services

* iMedx

* Eight Crossing

But if you are looking out an opportunity for a freelance position, I will highly recommend checking in


You will get plenty of freelance medical transcription job here.

2. Medical Coding

Medical coding is the process where Health Professionals (Nurse or Health practitioner) use some medical code number to describes any medical diagnosis and procedures.

Be in mind medical coding and medical billing is not the same. In a simple word, Medical Coder Translate the documents in a patient’s cart into code.

If you're already a Nurse, then you need an extra degree or training to be a medical coder. There's plenty of training available online or offline. If you want to be a Medical coder through online training, it will take in less than a year. But if you decide to do in offline or physically it will take a bit long to be qualified for this position.

If you want to take online medical coding course, you could check here


          *Medical billing and coding.org

A medical coder can work in doctor's office as well as with Insurance company to process Insurance claims and billing. But as a medical coder mostly you can work from home through a computer where no need to direct contact with patients.

This article will help you to get to know how you can become a medical coder(How to become a Medical Coder?)

In followings, you will get some companies who hire a medical coder.

*Change Healthcare


*The Coding Network


And if you're looking a freelance medical coding job you could take in

                      “ Upwork-for Medical Coder ”.

3.Article Writing

If you are a Health professional/ RN/ Nurse who loves to write why not try Article Writing job? This is the Best Job you can do from home.

Do you know how many companies hired Health Professional to write their Health-related articles? You can either work with a company or you can work as a freelance writer.

If you want to be a freelance writer, you could get freelancing job from here                      “Upwork-medical writing ”.

Do you know nowadays millions of people making money online by established their own online business. If you love to write, you could make your own Health related website and make money from there. If you would like to know more about this,  

Here is  My Best Recommendation

You can get all the training to start your own online business. You don’t need any special qualification in computer or internet. Even you could start from zero IT experience with no money.

4.Telehealth Nursing

In the Telehealth Nursing profession, the patient will come to you over the phone to get counseling or medical advice. Nowadays telehealth Nursing is a very popular career. If you are a Registered Nurse or a Qualified Nurse, you could choose this profession as a side job or a full-time work where you can work from home.

Telehealth Nursing

Normally Telehealth Nurse gives their service, counseling or medical advice through technology like webcam, internet, and telephone lines, in a word they gave service through computer and mobile device.

As a telehealth nurse, you could make very good money like average $60,000 per year.

To be a qualified telehealth nurse at first you need a professional nursing degree. After that, you need some extra qualification or training, like “Telephone Traig Nure Academic Programme”

You need some basic knowledge of Computer or IT as well.

If you would like to know more about telehealth nurse check this blog which will help you to become a telehealth nurse

Telehealth and eHealth in nurse Practitioner training

Final Thought

Nursing is a Noble Profession. If you are a Nurse, you could get a good income but the most important matter that you are helping people to live longer and better.

As a Nurse, You always Sacrifice Your Personal life for professional responsibilities.

But sometimes it is hard to help or give care to people directly or physically when you must give more times to family and children.

At this point, you can consider these 4 opportunities where you can still help people but in different ways and You Could Make Extra Money from Home or Online as well.

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