Steps To Become An Affiliate Marketer

How to become an affiliate marketer

Become an Affiliate Marketer is not hard. You have to follow some steps.If you follow all those steps constantly you can become a successful Affiliate Marketer.

Step-1 Research and Choose a Niche

If you want to be an Affiliate Marketer your first job will be find out a profitable Niche.

Now the question is What is Niche and how can you find out the Niche is profitable or not?

Basically from the Market perspective Niche is a group of people who has some interest on specific area. And the Niche Market is the Market which focused a specific product.

Niche selection

Like you can find a group who are interested on Health and Fitness. So your work will be to find out a product to target those people which is Health and Fitness related.

For finding out a profitable Niche follow these rules

  • First choose a specific group who has some interest on specific area. Like I mentioned before If you want to work with those people who are interested in Health and Fitness. Then choose Those specific group.
  • Find out their problem, interest. Like May be from some of them want to lose their weight.
  • Now your work is to find out the solution. Like if they want to lose their weight their problem solution will be the product which help them to lose their weight.

So choose a weight lose product.

Those rules could help you find out a Profitable Niche.

Step-2 Find out Proper Affiliates Programme

You found your Niche. Your question could be where you will get appropriate affiliate programs related Niche?When You try to find out affiliate Niche, always look the product should be not only affiliate programs related but will you get good commission or not from that product?

Here is some Affiliates Programme where you will found tons of your chosen Niche with good commission.

  1. Amazon Association
  2. Ebay Partner Network
  3. Clickbank
  4. ShareAsale Affiliate
  5. Shopify Affiliates Programme
  6. CJ Affiliate
  7. Rakuten Marketing
  8. JVzoo
  9. Commission Factory
  10. Convert Affiliates Programme

Step-3 Website Building

Now the time for setup your first website where you go promote your development

Sometime you can promote your Niche without website, but most appropriate way to build a Niche related Website.

Setting up a Niche related website is not a hard job.

At first choose a website building Platform. My best recommendation is build your first website in WordPress  platform,

Because WordPress  is easy to set up understand and WordPress  is most popular website building platform for Affiliate marketing.

Then you need to purchase website address(Domain) and website hosing service.

Domain:Domain is simply the URL address which you go to use for your website.

Web hosting:Web hosting is a service which connect your site to the internet.

If you use Wordless, its platform is free. But for Domain and Web hosting cost will be around $3-$5 in month. For Domain and Web hosting I will recommend to use

Step-4 Write Content

By this time hopefully you got your own Niche related website. Now you need to put some resources into it. And the resources is Content.

By Marketing perspective, Content is a some pieces of information which based on your chosen Niche and which through you will connect with your audience.

Content Marketing is now most popular Marketing Strategy in this World. That’s why it has said ” Content is King”.

How to write Good Content for your Website:

For AffiliateMarketing Content plays a big role. Visitor can come on your website but they will stick there or not it all depends on your Content.

If your website Content is Good then they will stick there for some moments and it will bring them all through to sales page, where you can make sales or if not then you could lose your potential customer.

That’s why You need to write Good Content then you could attract your potential customer to your Niche. For writing a Good Content always follow these rules…..

  • Research and select  Keyword first.Keyword is some particular words or phrase which will describe about your web-content and this will help your website to ranking in SEO. For findout the best keyword you can use keyword research
  • Start writing based on your Keyword.Always use short paragraph and sentence.
  • Remember to put more information first(Don’t forget visitors are like hunters and they look their prey)
  • No need to be extra creative. Use familiar words, so they can understand your aim at first glance.
  • Write for scanners.Because web visitor don’t want make an effort to read your text.
  • Remember visual impression is a big part in grabbing a web visitor’s attraction. So your website make a big impact when the visual impression influence the visitor to read your text.
  • Insert some images and videos into your writing.
  • What you are persuading your web viewers about should be clear, concise and must stand out within and through your content.
  • Your content should be Clear, Specific and Bold.

Step-5   Let People know about your Niche

Now this is the time to let people know about your Niche Website. You can’t make any sale until you get any traffic. Web traffic is the amount of data sent and receive by visitors to a website.

There are two sources you can bring traffic to your site

  1. Free Traffic source and
  2. Paid Traffic source.
Free Traffic Source:

This is the sources you can bring traffic to your site but you don’t have to spent money for this. You can choose the following free traffic source for your website

  • SEO
  • Facebook
  • Youtube
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Instagram
  • Linkedin
  • Blog and some other Social network
Paid Traffic Source:

Paid traffic sources you have to spent money for bring traffic to you Website. Most popular paid traffic source are

  • Google Adwards
  • Bing
  • Twitter
  • Facebook

Step-6   Time for Sale

This stage you will probably get your first sale. That means your first commission from Affiliate Marketing.Because when traffic come to your site they can go to Merchant sale page through your website.They purchase and you make money.

Still Overwhelmed?Need some support?

Now come in your most important step to Become a professional Affiliate Marketer.Following step

Step-7  Join Free Affiliate Training Platform

You are the final stage to become an Affiliate Marketer.But may be you need some support.Because it will be great if you get any helping hand all the time around you.Who can support you,who can give you resource when you need,many question can come in your mind in every step then you need someone who can give the answer.That’s why my recommandation is to join a Affiliate Training Platform where you can get all those support and help.This is tha last step I put for become an Affiliate Marketer but I think Put it in your First priority to join a training Platform.

When You think to join a Training Platform always try to join any Free Affiliate training Platform where you can start training without spending any money.

My best recommandation is join Wealthy Affiliate.

This is the Platform where you will get all those resource and big community to learn and earn same time without spending any money.

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