Lucktastic Is A scam Or Legit Money Making App?


Lucktastic scam

Are you a fan of online games that you can win prizes and rewards from? If you are, you’ve probably come across the Lucktastic app.

The Lucktastic app offers instant win scratch cards and many more fun games for everyone. Some people who’ve tried it are addicted to it. However, there are some bad reviews about it too. Some people go as far as saying that the app’s a scam. You shouldn’t easily judge, though. You have to analyze some facts about it before you judge.

With this, we’ll be laying down some essential facts about the Lucktastic app. After that, you can correctly assess for yourself if the Lucktastic app is a scam, a legit app, or is it worth your time.


What Is The Lucktastic App?

what is luckastic

Lucktastic app’s slogan is “it’s a fun and free app where players can win real cash prizes and real rewards straight from their mobile devices.” True. It is a free app that you can download, play, and occasionally get rewards from.

In the lockmaster app, you can earn money either through cash, gift cards, tokens, rewards, and more depending on the game or activity that you joined in. Below are the basic qualifications that you need to have before you can play in the Lucktastic app:

  • You have to be a US citizen;
  • Your smartphone’s processor is either IOS or Android. It should have an in-app GPS locator;

The Lucktastic app is pretty popular in the US alone. According to their app’s statistics, there are over 220,000 people who’ve won cash from their app. Around 15 million downloads have been made. They have over 3 million dollars worth of prizes already.


How To Make Money With Lucktastic?

First, you have to complete the requirements stated above to be able to play the Lucktastic app. Then, download the app. Modify the app according to your specifications. Then you are ready to play! If you are a little bit confused on how to use the app, you can research online on ways to use it.

how to make money from luckastic app

There are many ways of earning rewards and cash from the Lucktastic app:

1. Scratch Cards: The first and simplest way is through playing the scratch card. All scratch cards are free. You can play dozens of scratch cards in a day. One card alone can be played for just a few seconds. You can play all the available scratch cards in one day.

In every set of scratch card, you will be given six boxes. You need to have at least 3 matching boxes for you to win. If you didn’t get three matching boxes, you could still have one reward token that you can get from the “bonus play scratch box.” After playing, you can immediately get hold of your rewards and then play another scratch card game.

2. Daily Rewards: You can earn a daily reward once you’ve played one set of the scratch card in 4 days straight. You will be able to gain up to 500 bonus rewards on those 4 consecutive days that you’ve played one or more scratch cards. On the fifth day, you have to privilege to get a hold of the mysterious reward that can either be cash or tokens.

Keep on playing regularly so you could increase your chance of bagging daily rewards and bonuses. The more you play, the more chances of winning rewards, tokens, gift cards, cash prizes, and more.

3. Trying New Apps That Is Sponsored By Lucktastic: You can earn reward points if you download Lucktastic sponsored applications. The prices and offerings from the Lucktastic sponsored applications vary. Some apps might offer actual payouts, and some can give you tokens or rewards.

4. Sharing the Lucktastic Apps to Your Social Media Posts: You can earn bonus tokens if you share the link of the Lucktastic app to your social media posts (Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and the likes). You can get the chance to win at least 1000 tokens for every friend that you can recruit into trying the app.

5. Becoming a College Ambassador: You’ll get freebies like free stickers and pens if you sign up to be one of their college ambassadors. You will also have the chance to get gift cards by recruiting new members to the Lucktastic app.

6. Cash Prizes: If you are lucky enough get three matching boxes in a set of scratch cards, you can win a cash prize. The Lucktastic app will flash on the screen on how much you earned. However, there is a slim chance of matching three boxes in a set, so your chances of winning cash prizes are pretty slim too.

7. Redeeming Tokens: If your balance reaches up to 10,000 tokens, you can actually get some gift cards and free magazine subscriptions. 10,000 tokens are quite hard to acquire if you are only going to rely on scratch cards on a daily basis. Try to use the other ways of gaining tokens like sharing the app to your social media accounts, recruiting your friends, and the likes.

8. By Joining In-App Contests: Redeem your Lucktastic tokens for you to join on Lucktastic’s in-app contests. You will get a chance to win prizes like 500$ worth of groceries, some gift cards, cash, and more. You can join on in-app contests by giving a number of tokens as a way of entry. There are ways too of joining in-app contests without giving tokens too — research more about this on the internet for more information.


What Are The Advantages Of Installing The Lucktastic App?

  • Downloading the app alone is free. In fact, almost 15 million people have downloaded the app already;
  • Each set of scratch card games can be played in seconds;
  • You can still earn free rewards on some games that you didn’t win, and you can get them on your bonus wallets;
  • Your Lucktastic tokens can be used as gift cards, subscription fees, or contest entries;
  • You get to play lots of scratch cards in a day with lots of varying rewards and tokens.
  • You can play the Lucktastic app almost everywhere. You just need a smartphone and an internet connection.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Installing The Lucktastic App?

  • It can take a lot of tries before you can actually win a cash prize;
  • Before you get to play a scratch game, you need to watch an advertisement;
  • For you to actually realize a gift card, it needs a lot of tokens;
  • If you easily lose the patience of constantly playing to win, you’ll get tired of the Lucktastic app;
  • There is a relatively slim chance of winning cash prizes in the app. In fact, it’s sort of a strategy on their end to keep on giving rewards because their algorithm is designed not to give out cash prizes that easily.
  • Some people hit the jackpot, but the cash prizes are usually not that mind-blowing;


Lucktastic Is A Scam? Or Is It Just A Difficult Way Of Earning Money?

Lucktastic is not a scam. It’s a legitimate app that you can download and install on your phone. You could also win real cash prizes and rewards from the app. However, regardless if it’s a scam or not, I think it’s not worth playing at.

If you are a gamer junkie who likes to scratch cards on a daily basis, this app might suit you. However, if you are looking for a full-fledged legitimate online business, Lucktastic apps will just waste your time. Kudos to the Lucktastic app, they are not deficient in warning their users that they are not a “get rich” kind of app.


Who is this app for? If you want to have a steady reward point and is someone who doesn’t want to use any thinking skills, then the Lucktastic app might be for you.

Who should veer away from this app? If you are a serious business-person who wants to make money by using his or her skills, the Lucktastic app is not for you.

In the real world, it is a fact that most people will lose more money than win money in the lottery. This idea is applicable to Lucktastic users. Winning a cash prize in the Lucktastic app is so low that devoting all that time spent on other worthwhile activities like exercise is more worthy.


Final Thought

The Lucktastic app is indeed a fun app for all ages 13 and up. You can use it anytime and anywhere to get some rewards, tokens, and rarely, some cash prizes.

The possibility of earning through Lucktastic app relies on your “luck.” Meaning, there will be a lot of times that you’ll fail at this app.

The Lucktastic app is something that should not be used as a tool for generating income. It’s just an app for fun and for passing the time.

If you want a hustle that can give you a steady and an influx of increasing income, veer away from these chance-dependent apps and look for opportunities from online businesses.

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