Jaaxy Review-What Makes It Best

For content writing, “keyword” is the main element. A keyword is a particular word or phrase that describe the content of a web page and which will help that website to rank in SEO(Search Engine Optimization).

Now the problem could be how you can find out the best keyword that will help your site to rank in SEO? I have a solution for this.

You can use a Keyword Tool called  JAAXY

What Is Jaaxy?

Jaaxy review

Jaaxy is the world leading keyword search platform that is the most recommended. The Affiliate marketers mainly use Jaaxy, and a report shows that a lot of the successful affiliate marketers have used this platform when finding the right keywords for their websites. Jaaxy comes with its tools which are meant to push and enable the affiliate marketer to find the best keywords to use for their sites. As we all know, keyword plays a considerable role in helping an online business to get a high rank in search engines. Therefore, Jaaxy keyword tools make your work more comfortable by providing you with the top quality and relevant keywords for your site.

Why I Choose Jaaxy:

Best Keyword Research Tool

Every day only Google alone search 500 million brand new keyword. And it’s very hard to find out the best keyword within this busy place. In this case, Jaaxy can help you to save your time to find out the best keyword.

From Beginner to Advance users

Jaaxy is very easy to use and understand that anyone from beginner to advance keyword research user could find out very powerful keyword data is a very fast and efficient way, which will save time in average 10.8 minutes for per search.

Jaaxy cover Most of the search engine

Average 99.7% search engine coverage byJaaxy.

The Best Keyword Management

In Jaaxy you can save all your keyword search data which will help you for future keyword research.

Alphabet Soup Platform

Keyword research is not easy. But Jaaxy makes it easy. By Alphabet soup technique you can find 291 relevant results in average per search.

Track Your Website Ranking

Jaaxy will help you to track your website ranking in different SEO site in just 1.8 seconds.

Jaaxy Can Help for Domain Search

If you want to find out available Domain in your chosen keyword Jaaxy will help you find out. For every search, you can get over 90 available Domains.

How to use Jaaxy:

Sign up to the page using your business email address. If you already have a developed website, consider targeting a keyword per site.

  • Note that Jaaxy gives 30 free keyword searches for the beginners. So, use them well as you may find a keyword that can serve you for a long time. But for those who need 100 searchers per month save them for future use.
  • But if you are looking for a brand-new
  • niche, consider looking for words that are more than 500 with a QSR of less than 300.

Have a Test Drive

Shall I show you Live here, how Jaaxy works?

Let’s do a test drive by Jaxxy and have a look is it work or not. Put a keyword below and check how it’s works

Points to note when using Jaaxy platform

1. Ones you log in to Jaaxy page, there is a search bar on top of the page where you are supposed to write your keywords.

2. Write the keywords and then click search.

3. You will be presented with a list of the relevant keywords and other metrics which include;

  • Monthly search which is the average number of searchers in a month found on the SEO.
  • The estimated traffic which shows the total traffic expected when you get a top rank on the first page of Google.
  • QSR which indicates the number of websites that are coming on Google using a given keyword.

So, in this case, you should check out the number of websites that are displayed, since the higher the sites appear, the more competition you will face.

  1. KQI which displays the quality of the chosen keyword.
  2. SEO score which displays your probably o the estimate poison you may get ranking.

Jaaxy membership options

There are three membership options to choose from ones you sign up with Jaaxy. There is free Jaaxy, pro, and enterprise options.

  1. The free choice

This is essential for people who want to try out the keyword tool. It consists of the following features.

  • 30 free keyword options.
  • 20 search results.
  • Website analysis.
  • Affiliate program finder.
  • Keyword list manager.
  • Keyword lit manager and many others.
  1. The Pro Option

This option is ideal for the famous and new websites, and it goes for $49  per month.

It consists of all the features on the starter or free option plus the following;

  • Sortable search results.
  • Unlimited searches.
  • The search analysis.
  • Manual QRS and the alphabetical letters.
  1. The Enterprise Option.

It has all the features found on the starter and pro options plus the following options. Note that the enterprise option has a monthly subscription of $ 99.

  • 32 search results.
  • 5 x speed.
  • Automated QRS.
  • Automated Domain search.
  • Five times alphabetical thread search and many others.

What I Found In Jaaxy


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is super accurate in data.
  • There is no constant as to distract you.
  • It is accessible with a mobile phone. There is no need to download it as it is not meant for this.
  • If you are a Wealthy Affiliate member than You will get one special option which is Jaaxy Lite(Unlimited Keyword research,20 Keyword result,25 saved keyword list etc), and it is free for them.


  • It is not easy to determine the level that the keyword is targeting.
  • There is no language option.
  • It is quite expensive.
  • There are some features which are entirely irrelevant.

Jaaxy Alternatives

Some of the top-best Jaaxy alternative you can use for your Affiliate marketing include;

  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ahrefs
  • SEMRush.
  • SPYFu.
  • KW Finder.
  • Market Samurai.

Final Thought:

Jaaxy keyword tool is an essential platform for affiliate marketers, especially for wealthy affiliate marketers. It provides all the keywords search info that both the beginner and professional marketers may need to keep their business running. Although it is a bit pricey as opposed to other options, there is a free Jaaxy option for people who want to acquire the necessary tools. So from A to Z in keyword research section I will highly recommend using Jaaxy

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