Is Young Living Essential Oils A Scam?-My Honest Review


Has anyone asked you to join the Young Living Essential Oils Company? Did they say, you could earn enough money for living, you will get a bonus and so on? So, what are you thinking about this company? Are you overwhelmed? Don’t worry I am here to help you.

Welcome to my Young Living Oils Review. My intention is not to make any negative impression for this company. Instead of that, in this review I’m going to share the products of Young Living Essential Oils, what are the advantages or disadvantages of this company, their business plan and how can you make money from there? And we will find out if Young Living essential oils are a scam or a legit company.



Young Living Company Overview

Company: Young Living Essential Oil

Founder: Donald Gary Young

Started: In 1993

Industry: Multi-level Marketing

Headquarters: Lehi, Utah, United States

Product: Essential Oils, home products.



What Products They Have

young living product

Young Living products are pure essential oils, they also have these products such as home care products and cleaners, supplements and nutritional products, personal care products, beauty products, and diffusers.

Their main products are essential oils that have many variants like lavender, citrus lemon, peppermint, rose oil, tea tree and a lot more. These oils can be used as skincare, pain reliever, topical use, etc.

They have a return policy of their products, they handle returns depends on what kind of customer you are. They have a standard policy, the list of return policies for Rewards Programs and Distributors can be found at Young Living Essential Oils website.


Are Young Living Essential Oils Products Good?

Young Living Essential Oils products are not recommended to all consumers because there are some negative effects to them. Some studies on essential oils concluded that regular use can have positive effects on your health primarily in areas like anxiety, depression, pain, infections, and a cure for other ailments. And while some scientists say their evidence doesn’t support the health benefits of these extracts, the fact is many ancient civilizations used essential oils as a healing method and continue to do so today.

young living products good?

Young Living claims that their products are free from synthetic chemicals and it’s safe to use. The company is very indefinite about what they promise, yet they still push oils as having a wide range of health benefits: reduced inflammation, fewer migraines, better circulation, fewer respiratory problems, lower incidence of illness, and even a lower incidence of serious disease but there are no studies even hinting at the possibility that essential oils can cure, prevent, or help with the curing of these diseases. Some consumers complain about allergic reactions, heartburns and other problems they experienced in taking these products.


Young Living Essential Oils Business Plans

Young Living Essential is an MLM type of business. They have various types of products to sell and they are expanding in over 100 countries worldwide. You can join as an independent distributor which you can start to promote the business.

You can choose if you want to become an independent distributor as customer who only purchase products or start to earn more by recruiting other people to join, so in order to make enough money you are forced to produce a large amount of downline that is hopefully as constant as you are to make your group grow and earn more.

Better Business Bureau (BBB) has given Young Living an A+ grade. The company has been accredited with BBB since July 2015.


How Can You Make Money From There?

Young Living Essential offers different ways to earn money. You can start by purchasing their business starter kit which includes sample products only, the full product is more expensive.

You will get commission by selling the products, by fast start bonus 25% commission for the first 3 months on every recruit’s who purchases. You will get a starter kit bonus of $25 for every new member you sign up and buy the Premium member starter kit.

In the downline commission, you will get 8% of the sales off your first level, 5% off your second, and 4% on the next three levels.


And the generation commission, when you reach the “Silver”, you will get an extra 2% on specific sales from your team, and when team members reach the “Silver” themselves, you will get 3%. Diamond profit sharing pool.

When you hit the “Diamond” level, you will get the shares of 0.5% of Young Living’s commissionable sales. The money you can make in Young Living Essential will be base on your purchases and referrals.


What I don’t like about them

dont like

  • Young Living Essential products are expensive only for a small quantity.
  • You have to invite more people to join so you can get more income.
  • Several people complain about bad customer service, return policy, and shipping time frame takes a long time.
  • Young Living products are not useful, there is no proof that these products have health benefits.

Is Young Living Essential Oils a Scam or legit company?


Young Living Essential Oils is an MLM company with legit products, but you shouldn’t believe claims that they can heal medical conditions or a substitute for drugs, people mislead by this statement and continue using these products without consulting health professionals.


You should also be aware that claims about purity are often overstated. There is also evidence that their products are synthetic. There have been many claims as well as a good amount of evidence that suggests their oils aren’t 100% pure and that many of them are, in fact, contaminated and have poor quality and this evidence was buried by Young Living.


Members have complained that most of the workshops, training kits have fees, and Young Living online media and support offers are not for free. MLM is simply when a company charges people to sell their products and then encourages those recruits to convince other people to sign up to sell their products as well. But some members are forced to recruit others by telling lies that their products can cure some serious illness which not really proven.


The members are focusing on recruitment to get the commissions, they don’t have any idea what they are selling or what is the real purpose of these products. By highlighting recruitment over product selling, Young Living turns from legitimate multi-level marketing into a pyramid scam. It means that they only use their products as the front to preserve as MLM company. The design of the company seems legit in an MLM industry but there is a sort of issues they could not deny, on their products and compensation plan.


In 2018, Young Living was ordered to pay competitor doTERRA $1.8 million in legal fees and other costs related to a long-running lawsuit that Young Living lost in 2017. In the case, Young Living alleged that doTERRA founders violated their employment contracts and stole trade secrets. The judge ruled that Young Living pursued the lawsuit in bad faith.




In 2017, Young Living was sentenced for the Lacey Act and Endangered Species Act violations and paid $760,000 in fines, forfeiture, and community service.

Also, in 2017, Truth in Advertising called them out for making misleading income claims. Most of the instances listed appear to be fixed. In 2015, the Environmental Research Center filed a complaint claiming some of Young Living products contain lead. In 2014, Young Living was slapped by the FDA for promoting some of their products as drugs. In 2013, they do an expansion, but it seems like a replacement. They dissolve the entire executive team, for the stability of the company but it looks unreputable and suspicious.

Young Living Essential Oils is running for over two decades and they faced a lot of struggles, so I cannot say that they are a scam. There are several issues from other members they have to consider one of these issues are regarding the refunds is not received, and the customer support does not respond on time.


Final Thought

In my final thought, I cannot tell you, Young Living Essential Oils is a scam. But this company cannot give you a stable income, it’s just like other networking company that can only provide a part-time job. Their products are not easy to sell because of its high cost.

So instead of wasting money, time and efforts for this type of company, why not try to build your own online business, where you could be your boss and could earn a sustainable income for life.

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