Is Vasayo Scam Or A Legitimate Company?


The Vasayo company has been making noise since it boomed in the year 2016. Chances are 'you've come across it through friends or social media sites. Who 'wouldn't have heard about it; it's everywhere. So, 'you've come here to find out whether it is a scam or legitimate. Well first, bear with me and 'let's find out together.

Below are some facts that you have to know before you judge for your own self if Vasayo is a scam or not.


The Company Overview

The founders of Vasayo are Dalin and Karree Larsen. Dallin Larsen was a successful businessman in the sales industry. He achieved various awards during his sales stint. He received the "CEO of the Year award" and the "Ernst & Young National Entrepreneur of the Year" award in Utah. After his stint from two companies, he and Karree finally created their own company called Vasayo. As of now, it is still operating. Now 'let's talk about Vasayo.

vasayo product

Vasayo is a multi-level marketing or MLM type of company (we will discuss that later). Like any MLM company, they sell products to customers. Their products are mostly focused on the health and wellness section. Listed below are some of their main products:


V-TOX: V-TOX is a supplement that is food and plant-based. Its main ingredients are Fulvic Acid, cleansing herbs, and 'Vasayo's Advanced Liposomal Delivery Technology. This supplement pro