Is Sweatcoin Scam Or A Legit Money-Making App?

sweatcoin scam

Do you know that there is an actual app that pays you every time you walk? It looks like it’s the start of one of those post-apocalyptic premises of Netflix’s Black Mirror. The only difference is the idea is actually happening in real life.

Sweatcoin started out as a promising budding app with a great idea. As it operates in the long run, though, some people have something to say about it. Some call it a fad, scam, not worthy of your time, and the likes.

What we’ll discuss today is not a mockery version of the facts about sweatcoin. Try to look deep into the facts about sweatcoin and see for yourself if sweatcoin is worth the sweat.


What Is Sweatcoin?


To put it in a simple term, sweatcoin is an application that helps you earn money by just walking. The founders of the sweatcoin app thought of a simple premise that gave birth to the idea of paying to walk. What’s this premise?

what is sweatcoinThe premise is, instead of getting paid through sitting (which by the way is a slow way of dying), why can’t people get paid by doing healthy activities like walking?


How Does The Sweatcoin App Work?

1. First, you download the sweatcoin app on your smartphone.

2. Second, you need to set up your sweatcoin app according to your specifications.Sweatcoin _ how does it work

3. Once you set it up, you start walking. Do not turn off your phone while walking. The sweatcoin app will play in the background and will record the steps that you take. In every 1000 steps that sweatcoin records, you will earn .95 sweatcoins. This amount will not make you rich in a day but keep the app running for a very long time, and your sweatcoins will pile up.

4. The number of sweatcoins you gained will dictate what rewards you’ll be able to afford. They offer different rewards every day. They offer fitness rewards, product discounts, service discounts, phones, and more.


How Can You Make Money From The Sweatcoin App?

There are three ways that you can earn or benefit from the sweatcoin app. First, you can earn digital money by walking. Second, you can earn some rewards for doing activities within the app for each day. Third, you can earn by inviting your friends to try the app. Let’s delve in deeper in each way of earning:

1. Earning Money from Walking: This is your main way of earning money through the sweatcoin app. You just let the sweatcoin app run in the background. So, take your phone with you while you walk.

how to make money from sweatcoin

Watch this video to learn more.

There is a catch, though. After installing the app, you will be automatically subscribed to the “Mover” subscription. The Mover subscription is a free subscription that lets you earn a maximum of 150 sweatcoins in a month. If you wanted to earn more than 150 sweatcoins a month, you would need to subscribe to another paid subscription system. Yes, you will need to pay a subscription monthly in order for you to earn more sweatcoins than 150 a month. Below are some of the paid subscriptions to choose from:

  • Shaker: It’ll cost you 5 sweatcoins per month.

The shaker subscription will enable you to maximize your sweatcoin earnings of up to 300 sweatcoins a month.

  • Quaker: It’ll cost you 20 sweatcoins per month.

The quaker subscription will enable you to maximize your sweatcoin earnings of up to 450 sweatcoins a month.

  • Breaker: It’ll cost you 30 sweatcoins per month.

The breaker subscription will enable you to maximize your sweatcoin earnings of up to 600 sweatcoins a month.


2. Earning Daily Rewards: This is another way of earning from the sweatcoin app. You simply have to watch an advertisement from the app. To earn this way, go to the marketplace screen. Click the “claim it now” icon. Watch the advertisement completely, and you get to have 1 sweatcoin. Monitor your earnings by clicking on the wallet icon.


3. Invite Your Friends to Try the Sweatcoin App: The sweatcoin app formulated a referral program where, for every friend you refer, you get to earn 5 sweatcoins.

Now that you know the different ways of how you can earn from the sweatcoin app, know the different ways that you can spend your sweatcoin earnings:

1. Daily Offers: Sweatcoin has new offerings almost every day. The sweatcoins app has over 160 brand partners. So, you can expect an influx of new offerings every day. You can get a perk for as low as 4 sweatcoin.

2. Marathon Offers: You need to allow a lot of time in their marathon offers. It will take years and years of walking before you can acquire any of the following marathons offers below. To help you get it, you can combine your friend’s sweatcoin earnings to yours. The marathon offers the following perks:

  1. iPhone XS
  2. $1000 cash
  3. $1000 worth of holiday vouchers

These perks are just a few of their marathon offers.


What Are The Advantages That You Can Get From The Sweatcoin App?

  • You are encouraged to walk. Walking is a good way to exercise. It helps strengthen your heart.
  • They have a huge variety of rewards and offerings because they have a lot of brand partners. They have over 160 brand partners.
  • Their sweatcoins are transferrable. You can tie up with your friends to put your sweatcoins together and acquire more amazing prices. This is especially helpful if you wanted to acquire next to impossible items like their iPhone XS or $1000 cash.


What Are The Disadvantages Of The Sweatcoin App?

  • The app has limited ways of earning more sweatcoins. You have a limited number of sweatcoins to acquire in a month. Any excess on your sweatcoin number will not be saved or counted in the future.
  • Their rewards and offerings are too far-fetched to be acquired because it needs a lot of sweatcoins. In every 1000 steps that sweatcoin records, you will only earn .95 sweatcoins. Imagine how many steps you need to do just to acquire 10 sweatcoins.
  • Your running or walking activity is restricted for outside activity only. Any activity done inside your home will not earn a sweatcoin. This is confusing and unnecessary. Any walking done outside or inside a facility is still a form of exercise. The place of exercise shouldn’t matter.
  • Your sweatcoin app should always be running in the background. If you accidentally dismissed the app or if your phone turned off, your steps won’t be recorded. You would have to charge your phone in full battery first before walking.
  • You need to subscribe to a certain paid subscription just to maximize the sweatcoins that you can earn in a month. This is a bummer. You’ll be paying more sweatcoins just to allow more space in your sweatcoin wallet. This seems counterproductive and irrelevant for the user.


Is Sweatcoin a Scam?

A lot of reviews warn us about sweatcoin scam or that it’ll not amount to anything. But is that really the case?

Sweatcoin is a legitimate way of earning digital money. However, many inconveniences go with it. For example, you can only earn so much in a month. You need to subscribe to another paid subscription per month to get another limited number of sweatcoin space for your wallet. Another thing, some of their decent prizes and rewards have impossible sweatcoin numbers. You need to combine with your friend’s sweatcoins to get that reasonable price. How are you and your friends going to split up that prize anyway? Third, because of the monthly limitation of sweatcoin, the other extra that you’ve earned will not be saved. Fourth, what’s the deal about their outdoor only policy? Isn’t running and walking within or outside your home the same?


All these trivial little inconveniences about the sweatcoin app lead me to believe that sweatcoin is not under the category of a proper online business. For the makers of it, yes, but for you, not so much. Sweatcoin, to put it in a proper perspective, helps you develop good exercising habits like walking. However, sweatcoin is not an earning hobby to focus on, and it is more of a health app.

All I’m saying is, there are more cool ways of earning money online other than the contrived and limited sweatcoin app. Do not stick with this one app if your goal is to earn. Research more about the online business, and you’ll find lots and lots of amazing deals, offers, and systems.

Final Thought

Sweatcoin app is a fresh take on encouraging people to develop a healthy lifestyle, but it should not be considered under the business category of earning. If you are somebody who wants to earn, I don’t recommend the sweatcoin app for you. It’s too restricting on the possibilities of earning.

Many good things go with it and some inconvenience. Weigh in on those pros and cons and see for yourself if sweatcoin is really worth the sweat.

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