Is Southwestern Advantage Scam Or A Top Rated Internship Company?

southwestern advantage scam

The company that we are about to review is one of the oldest MLM or multi-level marketing companies out there. Another thing is this particular company actually does not force you to create a downline of members. Instead of recruiting, they want you to focus on actual sales. They actually accept you as an independent contractor without spending a large buck. Now that’s a nice start.

With that said, it’s hard to tell whether this company is truly an MLM company or just another direct selling company. Whatever the answer is, what’s important is we found out whether it’s a scam or something that you should invest in.

By the way, congratulations on having the diligence to research our topic today. Nothing makes me happier than witnessing somebody actually doing their research before investing their time and money on a business venture. Now that you’re ready, let’s start.


The Company(Southwestern Advantage) Profile:

Southwestern Advantage is one of the pioneering MLM companies that started in the year 1855. Southwestern Advantage’s founder was Reverent J. R. Graves.

southwestern advantage company profile

The Southwestern Advantage is an MLM type of company. The weird thing about this MLM company is that they don’t force or encourage their distributors to create downlines or members. They encourage their distributors to focus more on the selling part. The more they sell, the more money they earn.

Their products are usually educational tools and resources like books, software, and more. Their main distributors (sometimes called as an intern, independent contractors, sellers and so on), are fresh graduates from universities of different states.

From the start, the company’s mission was to provide business opportunities to young people. They believe that through these experiences, young people can earn and at the same time, develop their business skills. Which actually worked in its first few years but in the following that came, the mission got stale. The company became very aggressive in their marketing styles that eventually some universities banned them.


How Does Southwestern Advantage Works?

As mentioned, Southwestern Advantage is an MLM company. Although they don’t really force you to create downlines under you, you still have the option to do so. That’s what’s nice about them. The job that Southwestern Advantage offers to fresh university graduates is what they call, “seasonal internships.” In these seasonal internships, you are given the right by the company to sell any of their products. Their products range from books, software, educational materials, and more.

how southwestern advantge works

The fresh graduates are called distributors or independent contractors. Like a classic MLM company, distributors are instructed to sell their products door to door style. You are left on your own to figure out how to sell it. The most popular way of selling, though, is through the door to door.

There are reports regarding poor working conditions, extreme marketing, poor management, and the likes about Southwestern Advantage. One of the main reasons why some organizational bodies think that Southwestern Advantage exploits their independent contractors is due to the lack of compensation for the basic operational needs. Meaning, they don’t refund, pay or even give allowance for the distributor’s expenses on gas, food, transportation, hotels, and so on.

What’s curious is, some distributors can stand a system like that, and some even tolerate it. Nothing really explains this acceptance, but most likely, it’s because of the distributors’ young nature. You have to understand that most of their independent contractors are fresh graduates. Meaning, they are young, not that assertive, still naive, and inexperienced.

Because of the reported poor working conditions, many citizens raised their concerns about Southwestern Advantage.


How Can You Make Money From There?

southwestern advantage products

To become an independent contractor for Southwestern Advantage, you only need to sign up and register. No fees asked from you. Once you’ve successfully done this, Southwestern Advantage will give you a certain product to sell, and your target location. You can create your downlines, but most independent contractors just want to sell and sell. For them, increasing their sales is the only way to earn money.

Sadly, Southwestern Advantage does not have a structured compensation plan like the other MLM companies. If in Amway, their pay is according to how high your rank is, in Southwestern Advantage, they don’t have a clear ranking compensation plan.

The earnings of Southwestern Advantage’s independent contractors solely depend on how much they can sell within their internship season. That income is lessened by the operational costings (gas, food, hotel, and more) that are used during that period. They earn a cut from the sales that they gathered.

With this kind of system, most of Southwestern Advantage’s independent contractors do not earn much. You can say that the only redeeming quality for these independent contractors is the experience that they can get from the job. They can attach their experience to their resume’ to make it more attractive.


What Are The Things That I like About Southwestern Advantage?

  • One of the Southwestern Advantage mission is to give a taste of the business experience to new blood: This mission is actually helpful for newly graduates. Aside from the extra earnings, the experiences teach these young adults about business. In return, they actually can gain some business skills from their selling experience.
  • They do not discriminate in hiring the smart ones only: This is another feature that I liked about Southwestern Advantage. They don’t specifically look for smarter students or those with high GPAs. This gives an equal opportunity for all.
  • They wanted to provide an earning opportunity for graduates in the summer as students for the last time: The last summer of being a student is usually allocated for the pleasure of spending the last season of your youth. But for some, they want to start hustling as soon as possible. This is perfect if you want to jumpstart your career early. You can also attach this experience to your resume’, so it’ll look more attractive for possible employers in the city.


What Are The Things That I Don’t Like About Southwestern Advantage?

  • Southwestern Advantage Is Smeared with Allegations: Observe. The more you research about Southwestern Advantage, the more scam reviews kept on popping up on your screen. They developed a bad reputation all throughout these years due to allegations that kept on building up. Some of the allegations are even as serious as human trafficking. Now that’s not a good company to get your products from.
  • The Southwestern Advantage Can’t Respond Properly About Product Complaints: There are reports about bad customer service from Southwestern Advantage. For example, they sometimes can’t properly respond or do something about some bad products delivered. However, I believe that they can still improve on this service. The fact that they have customer service on standby says a lot about how they care about their customers.
  • There is a collective worry from civilians and institutions for their children ever joining Southwestern Advantage: Because of Southwestern Advantage’s reputation, some universities banned them from ever recruiting within their premises. However, this still doesn’t stop the company from recruiting graduates from universities in the states. Some civilians in the states and in the UK (United Kingdom) initiated actions that led to the public’s thought about a possible human trafficking violation for the company.
  • The company has not established any parameters for a safe and healthy working condition: In fact, they encourage their contractors to work more than the normal allotted number of hours for work. And, a lot of their independent contractors can’t cover their daily expenses just from the revenue that they earn from Southwestern Advantage’s products alone.


Is Southwestern Advantage A Scam?

If Southwestern Advantage is an absolute scam, they might not prosper or even exist today. After all, they have a legitimate product and a legitimate company. An MLM company can possibly be called a scam if its products are a tale of smoke or somewhat fake, and their only mission is to only gain through recruiting more and more downlines. Southwestern Advantage is neither of those. They still stand and operate nowadays. The only problem is, it’s a tough call to join this type of company.

Even with the noble missions that Southwestern Advantage offers, sad to say, they still receive a lot of bad reviews from their customers and contractors. Some of the backlashes that they’ve endured all these years are about poor working conditions, credit accounts charged without a subscription, half-cooked customer service, human trafficking allegations, and more.

Even with all these allegations, Southwestern Advantage is still trying to operate, but as the saying goes, first impressions usually last. So, you see, it’s hard to sell and inevitably to earn in Southwestern Advantage.


Final Thought

Don’t lose hope just yet. There are still a lot of opportunities out there to choose from. The key is to keep on researching and looking for newer business ventures. For example, try to research more about online businesses or affiliate marketing. Some of these online businesses are perfect for students who don’t want to get out of the house but want to experience “business.”

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