Is Optavia Scam?(The Opportunity For Lose Weight And Make Money)

optavia review

Welcome to my Optavia review. Have you ever heard about any program where you not only get weight loss program but can get make money opportunity as well?

In this review, I will share with you some information about Optavia. An MLM company that offers a weight loss program as well as a business opportunity. But the question is, “Is Optavia a scam?” Let’s take a look.

Optavia Overview

optavia overview

Company Name: Optavia

Founder: Dr. Wayne S. Andersen & Bradley T. Macdonald

Product Type: Diet foods, Meal replacements & Weight loss Program

Product Price:

Essential Optimal Kit (5&1 Plan)-$414.60

Essential On-The-Go Kit (5&1 Plan)-$414.60

Essential Optimal Kit (4&2&1 Plan)-$408.00

Business type: MLM company

Location: 100 International Drive, 18th Floor, Baltimore, MD 21202(US)

Optavia is formerly known as taking Shape for Life, which is under Medifast, Inc. an American nutrition and weight loss company based in Baltimore, Maryland.

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How Does Optavia Works?

To become a member of Optavia, you have to find a coach first then buy the Optavia Business kit.

Optavia products include access to a coach with the program. The coaches are independent retailers who are there to help you to achieve your goals, but also make a commission off the sales of products. The Optavia coaches are just ordinary people and maybe have no experience or not really a health professional it could be you or me which is not an easy task if we don’t have proper knowledge on this.

optavia product

Optavia diet has 3 different programs:

  • The 5&1 Plan includes five Optavia fuelings and one “lean and green” meal consisting of proteins and vegetables (some chicken and broccoli, for example).
  • The 4&2&1 plan includes four fuelings, two lean and green meals and one healthy snack (like a piece of fruit)
  • 3&3 Plan You will be following the Optavia diet with 3 fuelings and 3 lean and green meals a day.

Optavia do not recommend their program to pregnant or if you have a serious acute or chronic illness (e.g., heart attack, diabetes, cancer, liver disease, kidney disease, anorexia, bulimia, etc.)

You have to consult your healthcare provider first before you take their diet plan.

To join this business, you will have to look for the people who eat these kinds of food. Because people will eat what they want, and they have options on their diets.

  • Optavia For Health – It would work for a health-conscious person. If you follow their diet plans, maybe you will achieve the outcome of their products. But you have to get a consultation first because you need to know if this kind of diet is good for you. There is a precaution before applying this kind of weight loss program.
  • Optavia For Money – You can only make money by selling their product and business kit which is quite expensive for an ordinary person to acquire. And their products are not easy to endorse. People might ask for proof if these products are effective. So, making money here is not really good.

Can You Really Make Money From Optavia-The Real Fact?

optavia business plan

OPTAVIA does not guarantee financial success. Success with OPTAVIA results from successful sales efforts, which require hard work, diligence, skill, persistence, competence, and leadership.

So, it is like the other MLM company, you have to recruit a new member to buy the company products to get the commission.

You can make money if you continue to endorse Optavia to others and convince them to buy the Business kit and their products.

This is not really good as a part-time job; it will take too much time to focus on this business. You cannot make money if you just buy the product and wait for the result, of course, you have to do some action if you want to become successful but be sure you’re on the right track. You have to think if what you’re working for is paying you fairly.

What I like About Optavia

I Like

  • Optavia offers a product and program for the people who want to start a healthy lifestyle.
  • The products are consumable because it is food, but the price is high it’s not easy to market.
  • They are telling the real thing which is they cannot guarantee your success in their company if you don’t work hard for it.

What I don’t like About Optavia

What I Don't Like

  • Optavia’s product is not affordable.
  • The products are not easy to sell because not everyone is planning to eat diet foods instead, they will go to the gym and do some physical activities.
  • The products are not suitable for all types of people mostly with some health issues. And it’s not effective on all consumers.
  • The coaches are just ordinary people who also purchase a business product. It’s better to consult a health expert before taking this meal replacement. It may result in side effects.
  • You have to be cautious about referring it to others because the products can cause some negative effects if they try this diet.

Is Optavia a Scam?


Optavia is not really a scam. It is an MLM company. They have products to exchange for the payment of the members who want to join their business. But this kind of business is not suitable for different kinds of people. Not everyone wants to get this kind of program. They can do their diet plans at home or get their professional health consultant. So, it’s not easy to sell.

Optavia’s diet foods are expensive. People can do or get an alternative way to lose weight instead of joining in Optavia.

I’m also thinking about this, how can you become a coach if you only just purchase Optavia’s business kit? If you don’t have any knowledge about health care, it’s not possible for you to mentor someone to take that diet program. So how can it be possible? For example, you join this company and they will call you a health coach. But you have zero knowledge of that profession, how would you react to this situation if the person you invite is asking for some information about health concerns?

I think you need to study the whole process of their program which is complicated to understand for a regular person like us. I’m not saying that you’re unable to learn from everything but what I’m trying to say is, before you share a business to others, you should know how to explain it. So, you have to take the training that they have provided if there is, it will take much of your time. It’s not good for you if you’re a busy person or you have regular work.

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There is always a good and bad side for every story. There are positive and negative reactions to Optavia. Negative comments are from the people who said that Optavia’s weight loss program is not effective for them it looks like they didn’t get what they paid for. They are complaining about Optavia’s expensive products. Some say they cannot make good money for joining this company.

It may look scam to the people who experienced the product and didn’t get the good results.

So, it’s difficult to endorse their products because the outcome can affect your credibility. You have to learn the process before you enter this kind of business. Do some research is a good way of learning.

My Thought

Optavia is not a scam, I think it is not just recommendable because the product’s effectiveness is not guaranteed 100 percent. The success of joining the business also is not a hundred percent sure. There is a better company than Optavia. You just have to choose wisely. I know you will achieve the success that you’ve been waiting for. You just have to be patient and smart for picking the right company that will suit you perfectly. Do not be impulsive on your decisions.

You deserve a good benefit from what you have invested. You have to ask yourself if you are ready to handle business if you’re talking to a good and honest business partner.

This is just a preview and it’s not my intention to create damage on the reputation of Optavia.

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