Is Clickworker A Scam Or Legit Micro Tasking Marketplace?


Are you looking for a freelance micro-tasking job, where you can work from home? Then probably you heard about Clickworker. Today in this review I will show you everything in this company. After reading this review, you will fully understand is Clickworker a scam or not, or is it a legit micro-tasking marketplace?

What Is Clickworker

According to the Clickworker website, they said- they are a leading micro-tasking marketplace, which catering data management and web research services as well as AI algorithms training.

So, I can understand Clickworker is a company that gives the opportunity as making money online. It offers and paid people to do tasks online like taking surveys, translations, editing, research online and more.

It is founded in 2005 and was launched in 2011 located in Essen, Germany.

How Does Clickworker Works?

Clickworker offers connections between individuals and companies throughout the world. They are a German-based company and have been around for some time.

To join Clickworker, you must create an account, sign up with your email address and password fill out your details including your age and location. Once your account is activated, log in and confirming your account, you can start to choose the task.

how clickworker works

Clickworker, like many other services, is an opportunity for individuals from around the world, to work online using their skills and various talents to do work for companies needing services. Clickworker is an intermediary or broker of the opportunities, if you will, as a go-between for individuals and companies.

Clickworker offers various jobs online like-

  • Writing product descriptions for online products and services.
  • Proofreading requires skills, especially on grammar and spelling.
  • Participating in online surveys.
  • App testing for mobile phones.
  • Writing or editing of simple texts.
  • providing unique content or SEO.
  • Translation for different languages, you must be fluent in the related language to do this task.

Clickworker sends their payment through PayPal or bank account if you are outside the United States.

Who’s For Clickworker?

Clickworker are accepting workers anywhere in the world outside United States. You have to be at least 18 years old to join Clickworker. This is for people who have skills because there are some qualifications and requirements to join on some provided tasks. You can do the job on your computer or mobile phone with an internet connection.

This is also for people who enjoy writing articles, searching online, and knowledge of software developing. And for people who are looking for freelance jobs.

How Can You Make Money From Clickworker?

Individuals needing to supplement their income and financial needs are able to sign onto and create an account and use their skills, no matter their level, at various tasks to potentially earn money. Each person can select from a lengthy group of companies and various tasks. You are paid based on the variety and types of services.

Clickworker pay people depends on their performance and get paid after one week for every completed task. The money you can make rely on the availability of the job and if you are qualified for the tasks. You can make money by taking online surveys, but you have to be qualified because they are looking for specific demographics.

If you are also multilingual, you are unable to do the translation job offer. If you are good at doing some web research and writing about products and services. But you have to anticipate if you will pass or not on their qualification.

According to their website, you can make an average of $9 per hour and if you are a bit experienced then it could over $10 per hour.

But keep in mind, you cannot make enough money there to sustain your bills or even your daily basic needs, it’s just a small penny to put on your coin bank. This is only for an extra job, but it is not worth it as your full-time job because it does not guarantee a minimum wage income.

As a freelancer, you should be aware if you should invest your time and effort in just small pennies in every task.

What Do I Like About Them?

I Like

  • Clickworker is 100% free to join
  • They have many choices for freelance jobs.
  • There is a flexible working hour, you can do it as a part-time job.

What I Don’t Like About Them?

What I Don't Like

  • You are going to wait too long, to see if you are qualified or not on your selected job.
  • Companies can disapprove of your work for any reason.
  • Delay the approval of your submitted work.
  • Delay payment and the companies are the total control mechanism.
  • You are liable to pay your tax.


Is Clickworker A Scam Or Legit Way To Make Money From Home?



Clickworkers don’t look scam, they have several ways to make money online but there are several complains coming from their workers too. That’s why some of them gave up on trying or doing the jobs on Clickworker.


The main issues are related to companies and their specific tasks. The time it takes some firms to evaluate you as a worker, the time it takes to review and accept your work submittals and other items make it a challenge for individuals to consider this as any form of steady income.


Some companies just discard your work, tell you it was not acceptable after your time is taken to do you work as assigned and therefore you never get paid. This leads to disenchanted workers and many who never see one dime for their work time. No matter the choice a worker selects, there are way too many variables that can affect their income and reliability on companies is not there to pay timely, accept you work or even use your hard work. And the issue comes due to most online workers who are willing to do such work are supplementing their financially motivated needs. Certainly, PayPal is a wonderful reliable way to transfer money. However, the pay level in most cases averages out to be $9.00 per hour. Unlike a job at a store or retail type of other work environment, people who work online through.


Clickworker, there are way too many variables preventing a guarantee that a worker will see the result and ultimately money needed for family income and survival. Though Clickworker is a legitimate and ongoing entity, there are many people who cannot spend the time and work energies to risk not being paid. This is what I view as the primary issue. Though this is legitimate and technically not a scam type system or business, the pay level and ultimate success for a person to be able to assure money incoming for time spent working is not there.


An online workforce requires good thought and judgment as to whether the work they do will actually be paid for and help out their family or financial situation. As in any online work, the purpose is to make some form of income with what normally free time or available time is. People must have the assurance of their hours of work are paid. This is the purpose, to supplement their income and financial needs. If you need to be working online, you should consider many other online services and evaluate the positives and negatives of any and then review your research to understand all before you make a decision and chose one to give your attention to. There are many online service workers and companies that have online work that is stronger in performance and the financial rewards are more secure.

Final Thought

In my view, Clickworker is a legit micro-tasking company, But this company or go-between firm, is unsure and not guaranteed broker of opportunities to make it better, small money per hour and is not reliable enough to allow a needy family or person to know their work is being paid. They would be much better off going to Wal-Mart and getting a real job. However, most online works have restrictions preventing them from being outside the home. The reason they are working online is that they own a computer, have a varied level of skill sets and can spend the time at any hours during a 24-hour day. This is going to be limited in its productivity and is not a guarantee that their time put in on actual work is paid.Instead of doing this,I would recommend you to start your own online business which will help you to live your desired lifestyle.

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