Is CashCrate A Legit Platform To Make Money? Or A Big Scam In 2019


Welcome to my CashCrate review. If you thinking you can make money from CashCrate by doing some simple task, then you should definitely read this review, where you will find tons of valuable information about CashCrate and I will show you some feedback from those who were involved CashCrate before. And end of this review you will fully understand “Is CashCrate A Legit Platform Or Not?”

What Is CashCrate?

CashCrate claims that they are the world’s most popular reward program, started in 2006. Their new website was launched last April 2019.

CashCrate is a reward program that allows you to get paid by doing various online activities like online surveys, advertising, watching videos, referrals and more.

How Does CashCrate Works?

Registering on CashCrate is for free. You will fill-up the form including your email address and other personal information. When you finished to sign up and confirmed your email address, you will start to do your job. They will need your address to use for sending your check that you will earn from CashCrate.


One of the ways to earn in CashCrate is by taking surveys. You can also get paid by completing paid offers, if sign up to an email list, after creating an account on another website, or when you pay for a product. And also for watching videos, this feature will only work for members inside the US, shop and cashback by online shopping, paid to click link that leads you to an offers or surveys of CashCrate but there’s a bait on clicking those link you have to be cautious on that part, point system which you can earn by playing games and these points are redeemable that can be used for some prizes online, it will take much time before you increase these points.

There is also a referral system in which you can earn 20% from your direct referral and 10% of your referrals earn. There are 5 levels of referrals – Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, and Elite. Each of these levels provides certain rewards that increase your earnings when you reach these levels.

Who’s For CashCrate?

CashCrate will work for everyone who is 13 years of age and above. For people who are looking for an extra income and always doing their daily routine on their computer and also who have time to talk with other people or have many circles of friends on social media online as they can invite them to join. If you are enjoying shopping online and spend too much money, you can use CashCrate discount offers.

If you are searching for some opportunities online, maybe this one will work for you but you have to take control of your activities and time because there is some conflict that might affect after you sign in and start to do the offers. If you are also a risk-taker, who’s not worrying to give out their personal information on the internet, you can take this opportunity.

How Can You Make Money From CashCrate

After you join CashCrate and confirming your email address, you will get $1 and if you complete the prompt profile survey you will earn an additional $0.50.

You will earn by answering several surveys. Most of the surveys pay only $0.25 to $2 it depends on the length of the survey. A few minutes or a few hours survey can earn much a couple of dollars. But be careful about choosing these surveys because not all members will get qualified. Paid offers you will get discounts by purchasing stuff on online stores or cashback offers. You can earn as much as $50 on the CashCrate by completing the free and referral systems which need a hundred referrals, which will take a few months of a year.

As you log in to your account, by simply clicking a link that takes you to an offer or survey within CashCrate, you will get paid 3 cents each time you Log in, and you don’t need to complete the offer or survey you are going to take.

You cannot anticipate a few dollars a month if you just spend only a few minutes every day on CashCrate, you need to spend long hours per day to gain a few bucks on CashCrate. There is also a required balance on your account for you to cash out your earnings, you need at least $20 on your account before you claim your money.

You will receive your payout by check. You can only use PayPal after your first payout or if you have an upgraded account.

The money you can make from CashCrate depends on how you work for it. But CashCrate will not make you rich.

What I Like About Them

I Like

  • What I like about CashCrate is their free registration.
  • CashCrate offers many options for the member on how they will earn.
  • You can share it to your friends and relatives as they have the referral system.

What I Don’t Like About ThemWhat I Don't Like

  • Receiving an irrelevant spam calls and emails when signing up to CashCrate.
  • They have a high minimum amount before you get your payout.
  • It takes too much time before you cash out your earnings, you have to do several trials before you will get accomplishment rewards.
  • The surveys are looking for an exact demographic and if you do not match, you will be disqualified.
  • CashCrate allows only one member of a household, so you cannot refer to your family member. If you did that mistake, your account will be blocked because they can locate your same IP address.
  • CashCrate also has a termination of account if you are not active within 90 days.
  • There is account suspension if you failed to put your correct personal information when signing up on CashCrate.

Is CashCrate A Legit Way Or A Big Scam?



There are some negative feedbacks about CashCrate from their members that will make you think twice before you join this website. One of these complains is the charge that added to their phone bills which they have suspected that CashCrate did these charges as they have signed up on CashCrate. These members warned people to be careful about what they are filling out on this site.


Their free trial offers require a credit card details, you have to remember canceling it before it charges your card so it is risky if you put your credit card info for these offers, it will take you to a bunch of charges if you forgot to cancel those free trials, because they do not notify the users for the cancellations. Instead of earning money, you will end up spending a lot of cash because of their tempting offers.


You also have to be aware of using your primary email address because CashCrate might sell your information to their third parties which may lead you to receive spam emails and will confuse you if you are still doing the task for CashCrate or it is another site that will not give you credit or worst, they might use your personal information in some fraudulent activities online when you finished on filling out the applications.


CashCrate is not a scam for those members who get the benefit from doing their tasks. They only have complained about the time they have to spend online for taking more surveys but never get qualified after completing it. They have to search for another survey and that will consume too much of their time.


Is CashCrate Legit? I cannot tell because there are numerous complaints and negative feedbacks form their members. Mostly about the assurance of the information of these members are involved. They have several complains which are not resolve by CashCrate.

But I cannot tell directly if it’s a scam because I will consider their positive reviews from some members also. They have many options for some potential earnings but in a small chance and the time you have spent will be wasted if you failed to accomplish the task required by CashCrate. Their offers also bring confusion to the members because of the hidden activities that will reveal only after you have joined CashCrate.

Final Thought

If you love to earn money by doing some simple task, then you probably like CashCrate.But in my view, there are no benefits to earn this type of income which is giving you some earning for a short time and consuming big chunk of time from your daily routine. Instead of this, I will prefer to establish my own online business and make money from there, which I am doing now. Check my #1Recommendation, where I have started my online journey.

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