Is Amway An MLM Scam Or A Legit Company?-Unbiased Truth!

Is Amway An MLM Company_

Amway is a household name. Almost everyone in America knows about Amway as most of them might even be involved once or twice in the business. However, like most MLM ((Multi-Level Marketing) companies, people almost always think that it is a scam. This is understandable since some MLM companies are full-pledged scammers. What you want to know is, is Amway an MLM company? If it is indeed an MLM company, is it a scam? Hopefully not. Read on to find out.

What is Amway?

what is Amway

Yes! Amway is an established MLM company dating back in 1959 (Wow! That is almost after World War II). Amway's first-ever product is LOC or the Liquid Organic Cleaner. Since 'LOC's public circulation, Amway went off to be one of the biggest MLM companies worldwide. They are pretty lucky with that first product.

Another feature that Amway prides itself on is its very flexible business model. This means their ways of selling are created to suit almost 'everyone's lifestyle. If you like to do the MLM business part-time or full-time, you have the option to do so. The bottom line is, you only need to sell. 'That's nice, isn't it?

What Are The Amway Products?

Amway Product

Amway sells a variety of products from home care, cosmetics, and health products. It is known primarily for its home care products. Its most popular home care product is the Liquid Organic Cleaner. The LOC or Liquid Organic Cleaner is used to clean almost anything when I say anything, everything! It can clean the countertops, kitchen, bathroom, plastic surfaces, wood surfaces, and even your hands.

Another popular product of Amway is its Nutrilite line. Nutrilite is a line of health products. 'Nutrilite's health line ranges from vitamins to supplements. Amway is also big with energy drinks. In fact, their line of energy drinks has various flavors and formulas. Amway also produces protein shakes and protein bars for those on the go gym enthusiasts.

For beauty products, Amway emphasizes in skincare the most. They have a wide array of moisturizers, serums, and facial cleansers. For personal hygiene, Amway offers products for oral, body, and hair care. Lastly, Amway also offers home line essentials like cookware, detergents, and more. Geez, they really have a comprehensive line of product, right? So how can you make money from Amway?

How Can You Earn Money From Amway?

If you are a member and seller of Amway, you are called an Amway Business Owner or ABO. 'ABO's compensation is like MLM. They get a commission each time their downline member sells an Amway product. 'ABO's also profit by selling an Amway product to one of their direct customers. To detail how Amway works, I will list down their money-making methods, plus, their definition. So, sit tight and get ready for information overload.

Amway business plan

Mark-ups in Amway products:

For 'ABO's to get an income from an Amway product, they sell the products with a mark-up. Mark-up is the added price to the original price of the product. 'ABO's can set their own mark-ups. Sometimes, 'ABO's follow 'Amway's suggested retail price for the mark-up.

Bonus sales:

Amway gives a bonus at the end of each month according to the number of sales of an ABO. The more products you sold, the bigger the bonus.

Incentives from downline members:

Amway operates in an MLM type of business. Meaning, 'ABO's have the opportunity to grow their own business by recruiting members below them. For each month, 'ABO's receive bonus incentives for all the sales their members make in a month.

As an ABO climbs the MLM ladder, more incentives and bonuses are given. Examples of these bonuses are business trips, cash awards, and more. How cool is that?

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What Do I Like About Amway?

Doing business in the Amway has its risks, but you 'can't help but notice the possible perks once you are a successful full-fledged ABO.

  • You get to sell a wide line of products:

One great thing about Amway is that they sell a variety of products. From beauty lines, home care, personal hygiene, and health lines, Amway is teeming with tons of products. This increases the chance of 'ABO's to sell their products. Almost everyone can choose from a long list of Amway products.

  • Amway has quality products:

Usually, MLM products are not that good in terms of quality. Some MLM products are full of defects, and most are not working at all. It seems like MLM products are dummy products, and the main income is the creation of downline members. However, in Amway, 'that's not the case.

They pride themselves on producing quality products that truly work. This shows their commitment to providing the best-selling method for their 'ABO's – the selling method of producing an effective and trusted brand.

  • Amway has the money-back guarantee policy:

Amway implements the money-back guarantee policy among its new ABO recruits. It is their way of saying that "Hey if this business venture does not work out for you, we give you your money back."

To be an Amway ABO, you need to shell out $62 in order to start a business with them. If in 90 days, you felt unsatisfied with how your fate works in Amway, they give back your $62. 'That's a pretty bold thing to implement, but somehow it works for them in terms of ABO recruitment.

  • Impressive company track record:

Amway has over 50 years of experience in the MLM industry. 'That's a pretty long time to remain standing still. It has amassed billions of revenues. It also received several accolades from agencies and institutions like the Better Business Bureau.

  • Amway has an impressive array of brand connections:

Amway looks solid due to its ties in big companies like Sony and Microsoft.

This all looks promising and all but what's the catch?

What Didn’t Like About Amway?

  • The hassle of recruiting to create downline members:

One of the main ways of getting income from Amway is by recruiting members below you. Now, this strategy is a bit of a hassle since the competition of recruitment is tight. For over 50 years, Amway has amassed tons of 'ABO's, and all those 'ABO's are determined to recruit some more members.

dont like
  • You are restricted to selling Amway products only:

Although Amway has a wide array of products to sell, selling one brand is still a limitation for some. Selling only one brand makes you look biased. In addition to that, people will have no option other than Amway products. This decreases the chance of 'ABO's to sell their products.

  • Your profit will largely depend on how your downline members are doing, profit-wise:

Depending on your income on how many will your members sell is a hassle idea. What if your member does not sell anything? You will not profit from them in a month, and 'that's like a petty way of saying "sorry." So far, 'Amway's only solution is to provide training.

  • Costly start-ups:

Start-ups with Amway can be costly. Aside from the fact that you need to shell out at least $62 to be a member, there are some recurring fees that can cost up to a hundred dollars. If your income 'can't even amount to a hundred dollars, what will become of you?

  • Potentially impossible expectations:

'Amway's website is big in the hard sell. At times, they put impossible promises as a tactic to recruit more ABO members. Their hard sell method makes them look less credible.

  • Confusing bonus policies:

Amway has a lot of incentives and bonus programs. With this, 'it's quite impossible for you to keep track of how to even acquire them.

Is Amway An MLM Scam Or A Legitimate Company?

Amway is a legitimate MLM company, but since it is MLM, it is hounded by a lot of controversies. 'Let's take a closer look at the matter.

Amway has been in the MLM industry for more than 50 years now. Naturally, most people have a solid impression of the company already. Most people likened Amway to a cult (yikes). Meaning, they use emotional manipulation among their members to achieve quotas and tasks.

Lawsuits are filed against Amway for many years now. One known lawsuit happened in 2010 where Amway readily settles the matter without even hinting an admission of guilt (makes sense because if they admit to a fault, their reputation will be tarnished). Another lawsuit was also filed to them in Canada.

Your Takeaway 

With the many lawsuits filed against Amway, it is good to know that it remains operational. However, you should still be wary of entering MLM companies like Amway. There is still a possible scam or scheme involved since they are heavy in the MLM method of making money.

Fear of MLM scams prompted people to venture to other businesses like online business and affiliate marketing. Online business ventures lack the scam and scheme-like risks in the MLM industry. Why risk your money in an MLM business when you can be a venture to scam-free ventures like online businesses?

Congratulations on reaching the bottom! I hope I 'didn't bore you with all the figures and business jargon. Let luck always be in your favor!

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