Is American Consumer Panels Scam?-The Real Truth Revealed


We all are consuming different kinds of products every day and we deserve a good quality of what we are using. But have you ever thought about how the company check the product quality and reviewed that?

American Consumer panel is one of the companies who do different branded company’s product testing as they claim. It will be a good source of income if it’s really paying you and giving you an opportunity to work from home to use the products for free. But is it legit or scam? Some say it’s legit, some say it’s a scam. Let’s do research and let’s find out the answers.

American Consumer Panels Overview

American consumer pannels

Company name: American Consumer Panels

Job title: Product Tester

Company website: https://american-consumer-panels.com

Price: Free

As we seen on internet, American consumer panel is a consulting firm which specialized in product testing and product development work.

How Does American Consumer Panels Works?

A company creates a brand name for their product. They have to check first the quality and performance before it goes out to the consumers. The company needs to promote its brand especially if it’s not yet released in the market. A better way is to let it experience by the consumers also for free. So, the company will know if the users are satisfied with the products that they are using. The product tester has to give feedback and suggestions regarding those items. Have you heard about In-Home Product Testing?

American consumer pannels works

American Consumer Panel offers free testing and evaluation for different types of products. They hire people to test the products and then give feedback and reviews after they used it. You have to do the application online to become a product tester. You need to answer some questions including your personal information, e-mail, and home address so they will have to send you the product that you’re going to test. They also have screening if you are applying for that kind of job. Example, if you’re a housewife you do the laundry for your family, you are fit to test a newly released washing machine. Or you’re a gamer, you are able to try their newly released game console to test its performance.

american screenshot

If you visit their website you will see that they are claiming to be a partner of some popular brands like Sony, Kenwood, Apple, Fisher-Price, etc. But it looks like they just copy the logo of these brands to make it more convincing. But there are no proofs that they are really connected to these clients.

Can You Make Money From There?

They claimed you can make money as a product tester from there. You will get $25 to $45 per hour and have to work at least 20 hours per week. Your job is to use the new product and give feedback and review on your experience. You can make money here if they are telling the truth. If you really want to know is there anyone makes money from them, I will ask you to check some real-life experience from people by Glassdoor.

In this case, you can read this article “The Best Ways to avoid work home scam online”.

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I Like

It’s free to sign up on their website. But after you fill-up the 5 pages you will be redirected to the online survey sites.

This company is giving a chance to random people to experience using a product for free. It gives you an opportunity to have an extra income or a part-time job.

This is what I think good about this company, only if this is for real. I am hoping that this kind of job does exist.


What I Don't Like

It’s not a consistent way of makes money because you have to wait for a new product to test. If there’s no available product, there’s no income. You have to wait if you will pass on their screening. You didn’t know how long you will have to wait. And the company has no proof if they provide a real job to the people. Or if they are paying the product tester. The sad part is, they gave false hope to the people.

This is what I don’t like because it seems not real.

Is It Legit/Scam?


Based on my research, I found out that they are a verified member of FTC Guardian, which means they comply with the Federal Trade Commission. They are also featured in The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette, a Western Pennsylvania’s largest newspaper, and post-gazette.com. But every time I click on the link about their press coverage, it’s just loading, or content was not found. So, I couldn’t open and check what it’s all about. And that is very disappointing. I think they are just screwing us.

They have a physical address, One World Trade Center, 285 Fulton St., Suite 8500, New York, NY, 10007. But it’s not the exact location of their company. Their office is not stated on the said address.

Their email address is human.resources@american-consumer-panels.com and I’m not sure if that email is working too or if they are responding to the emails. They also have a phone number (917)677-2043, but if you try to call, a voice message will tell you to get a hold because they are loaded with the applications from the people who want to get the product tester job. You will not be able to speak with a real person. All the information they provided is unreachable. So how can you trust this kind of activity?

This company is not transparent. The company profile is hidden and the owner of this cannot be found. The positive feedback seem to be fabricated when I searched it on google the positive comments are very few. On their Facebook page, I have seen a lot of negative feedback and they are not answering the questions and comments of the people. Too many red flags on the internet about this company. It is lacking positive reviews.

I have read some reviews about this company. They say it’s fake and not safe to sign up on their website because you didn’t know what they do with your information. Your email receives too many spams after you have signed up and it looks like a phishing website. It’s not good to disclose your information for the company that you didn’t know if it really exists or just gathering all your data then send it to their partner websites. And you will be automatically subscribed to those sites. It will cost you too much time to filter all your emails especially if you are waiting for some important emails.

I couldn’t say that this company is a scam but it’s not safe because they are using a third party which is very risky for the people who enters their personal details online. I’m not sure if this company is offering real jobs. And the people who have signed up to that website explained that it is not recommended because of the security issues. It’s just a bait for a lot of online surveys. We do not like junk emails. We do not like too much signing up but, in the end, there’s no product to be tested, no work to be done. It’s just a waste of time and effort. We also have to be careful on clicking links for the sake of our privacy.

A legit company must be transparent in their background. Has an accurate physical address and a real person to be contacted in case you need an answer to your concerns regarding their business. Having a part-time job is good but we have to be cautious about looking for work from home offers. It is necessary to do research before joining on any sites. You have to be wise about choosing a good, clean and honest company.

My Final Thought

After all, in-depth review about American Consumer Panels I don’t think it is a good idea to work for American Consumer Panels, as there are plenty of negative reviews you can see if you search through the internet.

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