Inboxdollars Is A Scam-What I Found In 2019

Inboxdollars review
Inboxdollars is the well-known survey site who claims you can make extra money online from home by doing some simple task, like-survey, reading email, playing games or it could be shopping from your favorite brands. But is it possible to earn extra income with this simple task, which could replace your 9-5 job?

In this review I will show you what is Inboxdollars and is it scam? Could you earn money from there or it is another false claim to earn money from the survey?

What Is Inboxdollars?

what is inboxdollars

Inboxdollars was founded in year 2000 and adopted in May 2019 by Prodege LLC who also owns Swagbucks, Mypoints, and ShopAtHome.

Inbox dollars is a get-to-paid GPT website that pays cash rewards to their members by doing online activities like online surveys, watching videos, playing games, reading emails, listening to radio, and many more.

How Does Inboxdollars Works?

inboxdollar reward

Looking for legitimate reward sites might seem impossible. You’re either frustrate with pop-up ads, swamped with emails or, even worse get scammed.

To join the inbox dollars, just sign up on their website with your name and email address. To get the rewards you have to take some surveys, but the problems with taking online surveys are that you don’t often qualify for all surveys, which means that you’re spending time answering pre-qualifying questions.

You will also get rewards by watching videos or ads, playing games like Monkey Bubble Shooter, Mahjong Solitaire, they partner with GSN casino to offer you access to hundreds of GSN games. Also, by shopping online, you will earn cashback while you shop online, get free samples and discounts from top brands, reading emails, you will start receiving emails once you have signed up and will offer with products and services. Simply click the link at the bottom of each email to confirm that you read it and you will earn cash rewards.

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You don’t have to purchase or sign up for anything, but if you complete the offer in the email you will earn more cash and by referring it to others to join and sign up.

To get the payout from Inboxdollars, you simply go to the Request Payment Page and you should have the sufficient amount more than $30 in your account you can redeem it for E payments including, Merchant Cards (Gift Cards), Donations and Prepaid Visa. Inbox dollars doesn’t have PayPal as a payout option.

Who’s For Inboxdollars?

InboxDollars will work for you if you just want to make a small extra buck a month, for the person who has limited time to answer surveys since there’s no set commitment. And for the people who enjoy watching videos, reading emails, surfing the web, and in general doing those activities online, those people who always shopping online and likes to have discount and free samples.

This will also work for the people who don’t need more money and can spend their whole day in front of the computer. For those people who never worry about their daily expenses and bills but we all know that all of us are worrying about these matters.

How Much Money You Can Make From There?

By activating your account on Inboxdollars you will automatically get the $5 signing bonus. But you cannot cash out the $5 because you have to reach the minimum reward of $30.

And there is a $3 processing fee when you cash out your first $30 dollars, which means the $5 credit you get when signing up actually turns out to be $2, if you don’t pay the transaction fee, you have to earn at least $10 in one month to make it $40 and avoid the fee you have to wait a long time to cash out the money.

You will also get paid by survey in a small penny between $0.25 and $2.00, with each survey that will for about 10-20 minutes. Some online surveys pay $10, $20, or even more if you match the demographic profile they are looking for.

Inboxdollars will give you earnings of $1 for every referral who activates their account. This only applies to the first 5 referrals, after which you will be able to earn 30% of new referrals for the lifetime of their membership.

The money you will get from inbox dollars won’t make you rich in just one day. You need to spend a lot of time to do the task to save the rewards and cash out. How much money you can earn in inbox dollars will be based on your activities, how much time you can spend doing the tasks.

What I Like About Them

I Like

  • What I like about Inboxdollars is, it’s free to sign up with a signing bonus of $5.
  • They have an app that you can install where you can use anywhere you go.
  • You can share it to your friends by referring inbox dollars for them to sign up and you will get the referral bonus.

What I Don’t Like About Them

What I Don't Like

  • What I don’t like about inbox dollars is their processing fee of $3 when you need cash out your money.
  • There is a minimum amount before you can withdraw your earnings.
  • The money you make from completing various tasks is very low for the length of time it takes for you to complete tasks.
  • You have to be active at least once every 10 days because your account can be terminated. You have to check your account time after time to be sure your account is still active.
  • The hidden fee when you have signed up to their website, for upgrading an account, sometimes putting your credit card info online is not safe.

Is Inboxdollars A Scam?


Inbox dollars can’t call directly as scam. There’s nothing to lose if you sign up but once you start and exert your effort, you will just have some expectations and disappointments. You will ask yourself, how valuable is your time.

Maybe the members complain picture it as scam or fraud for some reasons or problems they have encountered in inbox dollars. It’s better for you to read their terms of service and privacy policy because some offers you sign up with will sell your information to other companies, which will result in multiple spam phone calls and emails that will interrupt you from your daily routine, you will get automatically subscribed to those third-party websites.

You can’t also use a strong password for your account, this might make you worry about the security of your information you fill out there.

Inbox dollars also do a termination for your account if you failed to stay active, all your earnings and rewards will be lost, and you cannot claim it. You have to be seriously active to avoid those circumstances. All your efforts and time will be wasted.

There are also some complaints from members that they did not receive the payout from Inbox dollars. When they expect to cash out the money, their account was already deactivated. Some members have not been credited for offers they completed. Supposedly, many of the offers you tried won’t even give you credit for completing them. And since these offers are from third-parties, Inbox Dollars is not responsible if you don’t get credited.

Inbox Dollars have also complained from members that they have spent more than 2 hours taking surveys, but disqualify because the companies conducting the surveys through Inbox Dollars are targeting a specific demographic, and if you’re not the demographic they’re looking for, Inbox Dollars will kick you out of the survey without any explanations.

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Inbox dollars is not scam in a way that it’s free to register. You will not pay the registration, but they offer an upgraded account as they promise for more potential income. The time you will spend and never received the expected payment from your work is like tricking you for the sake of the company’s own benefit.

It seems like they are misleading the people to join with the enticing offers. But behind those offers are company’s own profit because from the ads or surveys that pay to inbox dollars is more than members will get. Or sometimes members will not get the profit which is the worst part of joining into this site.

My Final Thought

In my view, Inboxdollars is not a scam but what they claim you can earn extra money from online by doing survey or by doing some simple task, but my question is, how much you will earn? Will it replace your current income? And think about how much time and effort you are giving and from there how much return you getting-for long term, as well as for short term. So, in my view, it is not worth to give your time for this type of little money. Instead of this, try the legit way, where you can work now, and the income will be recurring which could replace your 9-5 job.

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