How To Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate-At No Cost

How To Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate

Are You a Job-seeker, Stay-at-home-mom, Student on vacation or Simply a person who values financial independence? Have you been contemplating starting your own Business or Generating Extra Income through some side hustles? You have indeed arrived at just the right page.

We are here to introduce to you the Wealthy Affiliate platform. While at it, we shall showcase to you its awesome powers, potential benefits, and the various ways and means through which you might make money via it. At the tail end of our discussions, you will gain the guidance and insight on “How To Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate.”

What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

This is an online platform that assists would-be entrepreneurs to make money by putting their entrepreneurial skills to work. It was launched in 2005 and to date has some 100,000 active members. They basically use the platform to share their experiences and to motivate each other to succeed.

The platform makes use of the Affiliate Marketing model of generating Passive Income. This is to mean that it pays out commissions to members for every traffic, lead or new member referred to the site. Additionally, it has a new feature which allows each member to make money by simply leaving comments on the posts on the site.

How To Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate?

There are four main income streams from this program. They provide you the avenues to make some good money. You must understand how they operate first and foremost. It is only then that you will be able to know how to do so. We have dedicated the following segment of our discussions to just that:

1. Make money from Your Own Online Business

The main way to make money from Wealthy Affiliate is “Online Entrepreneur Certification segment. You will get all those theory and Video training step by step to build your own online Business which you needed.

Under this arrangement, you use the platform to make money by promoting your own Business. You basically come up with your own area of interest or merchandise to sell. Thereafter, you use your platform to sell this merchandise to the prospective client base. When You will do “Online Entrepreneur Certification” -the following steps will help you out:

Step I: Choose an area of interest

Start off by choosing an area of interest. This is the merchandise you will most likely sell via this platform. It need not necessarily be a hard product, it could as well be an idea, event, app, or software property. To boost your chances of making a skill, the merchandise must be relevant to the needs of the people as much as possible. Do conduct some markets survey before setting out.

Step II: Build a website

Now move on to build a website. The aim of the website should be to sell the merchandise to the public. A good website must be interactive to allow for one-on-communication between you, the seller and the potential client.

Don’t worry You don’t have to spend money to build your website in here, Wealthy Affiliate will give you Two website Domains and hosting totally free if you are in free membership option. But you will get 50 websites making opportunity if you extend it as a Premium member. You will get all those training to make the website.

It should also be accessible via mobile platforms for greater penetration. Lastly, it should also be attractive enough to easily catch the attention of would-be visitors.

Step III: Attract visitors

You should now attract visitors to your site. Use the Wealthy Affiliate platform to do so. The platform grants you access to a ready audience of like-minded persons. By posting your site and its overall summary on the site, you grant as many others who might want to make use of your merchandise as possible to do so. Be sure to place a link there to allow for easy access to your site. You will get training to Promote your business through Social Media and SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Step IV: Earn revenue

Of many people will fall in love with your contents. Subsequently, they shall begin placing orders of your merchandise from time to time. In the course of so doing, you will start generating some revenue. To stay ahead of the game, you are advised to respond to their inquiries within the shortest realistic time possible. That will install some trust and encourage them to place more orders later.

2. Make Money from Affiliate Bootcamp

The second way and the most popular way to earn money via this site is by leveraging the Affiliate Bootcamp. This is an online course which is intended for anyone who is keen on starting an affiliate marketing business. Two of these kinds of courses do exist, namely the starter and the premium versions respectively.

In this make money option You will Promote Wealthy Affiliate itself.

If You Are A Free Member:

If You are a Free member and you Promote Wealthy Affiliate, then whenever you get any referral you will earn $4, when they upgrade their membership in special monthly price which is $19.Then every month when they paid $47 you will get $11.75.

If they upgrade and pay half annual membership cost, you will get $54.

When they upgrade for an annual subscription then you will get $87.50

(Don’t Forget all these incomes will be in a lifetime until Your referral will be in there)

If You Are a Premium Member:

When You Upgrade your membership in Premium then all your commission will be reached in Double. Like when Your referral upgrade in the first month at a special price ($19) you will get $8. And after that every month if they will be in monthly membership option you will get $23.50. If your referral upgrades in half annually member option, you will get $108 and for an annual membership, you will get $175 ( All income is Passive).

Here is not finished yet. If You get 300 Premium referrals in a Year You will get all Paid 3 Days and 4 Night Free trips In Las Vegas where is Super Affiliate Conference held every Year.

Now Tell me How Amazing it is!

Creat Your  Account Free

You will get all those Affiliate Bootcamp training inside of Wealthy Affiliate. Although that training is locked for free member. Only Premium member can access the Bootcamp training. But You can still Promote Wealthy Affiliate and get payment from referral payment although you as a premium member.

The following are the steps to be followed to actualize in Affiliate Bootcamp option:

Step I: Establish your website

In this first step, you will have to establish your website. You may either take advantage of the free websites which come along with your free membership or find a custom domain name. In either case, you will receive some guidance in regard to the setup of your site.

What’s more? You will even have the WordPress installed within 30 seconds. These initiatives will set up some strong foundations for your site which will come along with some three themed pages and the lessons to tale to generate quality contents.

Step II: Generate some contents

After setting up the site, you will now move on to generate some quality yet relevant contents. You will have to find out the most relevant keywords to your audience and how to generate contents that appeal to your target audience.

At this stage, you will also get to know how to use the affiliate links to boost the rates of conversion. This is by far the most significant marketing tool as it engages your audience and boosts their likelihoods of ordering your merchandise.

Step III: Leverage the social media platform

Social media is here with us to stay. Perhaps no other web-based resource gives you the power to appeal to a wider target audience as this platform does. It is only a bright idea to spare some time to learn its importance and how much contribution it will likely make your marketing efforts.

At this stage, you will get to comprehend how to optimize your site in such a way as to make its search engine friendlier and incorporate Google Analytic.

Step IV: Brand Your Business Appropriately

For you to make any meaningful headway in your marketing, you must stand apart from the others. This can only happen if you brand your business appropriately. Take advantage of the images and videos on your site to do this.

While at it, be sure to maintain some fair degree of consistency. With regard to this, use the same images and logos on all your social profiles and websites. To enable you to do this perfectly, take some time to learn about Pinterest and how to leverage its awesome powers to advance your business.

Step V: Carry Out Extensive Market Surveys

Lastly, you must undertake extensive market surveys. This step basically entails understanding your audience better and deeper. Write some engaging contents and even get to know how to generate contents which have high conversion rates.

Follow these two procedures by putting in place some specific and targeted marketing campaigns. Push only those products that are relevant to the specific segment of the market you are interested in. This will more likely shore up your revenue inflows and reduce the operational expenses.

3. Make Money by Creating Wealthy Affiliate Training

Wealthy Affiliate contains many tools with which you can make money training others around you. To take advantage of this option, you must select a specific niche of choice. Find out all about the niche plus the people who would most likely gain from or be interested in it.

You will have to exercise some fair degree of patience as this approach is not so popular among the target audience. Perhaps the best way to go about it is to look at it from the perspective of growing a business from scratch.

4. Make Money From Site Comments

Recently, a new site-comment 2.0 platform has been added onto the site by its founders. It allows the premium members of the site to make around $0.50 on every comment they post onto the site. This feature is based on a 30-day revenue program which basically means that you ask for pay-outs once after every 30 days. All payments are processed via PayPal.

Does It Really Work?

Yes, the Wealthy Affiliate program truly works. It is not really a get-rich-quick scheme. On the flip side, it guides you through starting out a business, growing it, until it eventually becomes economically-viable. Moreover, it has been vouched for by many past users. By placing your bet on this site, you join a long list of others who have already gained from it.

You will see thousands of Wealthy Affiliate member’s success story when You come inside. Most of the member earn 5/6 even 7 figure income on a monthly basis. Here is some success Story.

Wealthy Affiliate Success history

How To Get Started

To get started on this site, you must follow some steps and procedures. They are outlined and explained hereunder:

Creat Your Account Free

Step I: Sign Up

Start off by signing up in the Wealthy Affiliate page. This entail logging into the official site (wealthy affiliate.com) and providing the bare minimum personal data necessary to get started. Examples of these are the username, password, the e-mail address. Be mindful of those fields that are marked with asterisks (*) as they must be provided before you proceed to with rest of the application process.

Step II: Update your Profile Page

As soon as you join the site, you should personalize your profile page. This simply entails providing the relevant pieces of information necessary to make it unique and as relevant to your personal details as possible. You should as well consider uploading your profile picture and write a bit about yourself. People are more likely to trust and work with those who have done this, going by past studies.

Step III: Take a Virtual Tour of Wealthy Affiliate

It is obviously impossible to make the most of the site without having a firm understanding of the nature and design of the entire platform. That is why it is wise of you to spare some time and take a virtual tour of the site upon registering. Through this tour, you familiarize yourself with the basics of the site, how it works, how to navigate your way through the site, and how to set up your profile.

Step IV: Obtain the Online Entrepreneur Certification

Before commencing the money-making venture, you will first and foremost have to take some lessons about online entrepreneurship. These lessons come in the forms of 10 entrepreneurial classes and are administered free-of-charge to all members. You will, however, must upgrade to the premium membership to be able to pursue the remaining 30 lessons.

How  Much You Have To Spend For All Of Those?

Wealthy Affiliate is free to join. You can also stay as a member for as long as you might want. However, as a basic member, the features you will be able to access will be way limited compared to the premium members. That is why upgrading to the higher levels make much sense.

In your first month of premium membership, you will have to part only with $19. Thereafter, you will have to pay $47 monthly to have your way.

How Long It Takes To Make Money From Wealthy Affiliate

This is very subjective. That is because it mainly depends on your effort, the nature of your business and the possible target audience. Though, you should expect to make some decent incomes within 3-6 months after your first initiative. But don’t forget all these incomes are Passive Income means You have to work once to establish your business then it will come Recurring in a lifetime.

In all though, you must invest a great deal of patience, focus, and attention to be able to make any meaningful headway.

If You would like to know more about Wealthy Affiliate, check Wealthy Affiliate Review.

Final Thought

As you might already have noted, Wealthy Affiliate is not a get-rich-quick scheme. Neither does it guarantee you huge financial windfalls within a short duration of time. On the contrary, it is a platform which merely trains you to start out in business and grow it to maturity. Other than this, it also lets you earn some little cash by leaving comments on posts.

To avoid unnecessary setbacks and disappointments, you are advised to adjust your expectations appropriately. Also, be ready to exercise some patience before any meaningful benefits might come your way. Best of luck in your subsequent use of the platform!

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