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Who I Am

I am Nazmun who came from Asia but now living in the UK. I am Graduated with a degree in Economics and began my professional career in the Banking Sector when I was in my Home country.

When I got married and moved to the UK, I started a job in the Care Sector. Because I love to be financially independent most of my life (Even when I was a college student I used to teach children and earn that time).

On my way up the ladder, I faced a hard decision after having children. I decided to devote more time to them while seeking out wealth-earning opportunities.

But I wanted to help my Husband financially. So all the time I was thinking, I wished if I could get any opportunities where I can work from home and earn.

Soon I discovered Dropshipping and began to learn about that. While I found I need a good chunk of money to invest which I didn’t have that time.

I began a new firm focused on Affiliate Marketing. This time I loved this venture because I got everything on it what I wanted.

I started Affiliate Marketing in an empty hand. After that I got success and now I can enjoy my life with full of freedom.

Affiliate Marketing proved to be a large success due to my diligence and effort and I want to pass my knowledge to others than I can help people.

I came across with one of the biggest Affiliate Marketing Community “Wealthy Affiliate”– where I got all Affiliate Marketing training and Guidance. I love this Platform because this is not only a Platform where you will get all Online Business Training But this is a Huge Community where you will see thousands of thousands member success history every day and how they help each other.


Why Learn and Earn Affiliate?

I am happy with my success in the Affiliate Marketing space, so I continue to show others how to stand up after failures,life-altering events or even who want alternative professional paths. Learn and Earn Affiliate for them.

From this website, you will get every knowledge from what you need to become a Professional Affiliate or online Marketer. You will get help by learn-How you can earn money and get extra income from home.

I wish all of your success.

Best Regards





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