Dropshipping vs Affiliate Marketing and The Super winner

The internet has made the act of making money easier for people, and now running a business from home has become easier than ever. Over the internet, people can run and advertise their business at the same time, and they can also administrate it by checking the income coming in far more effective than buying several account books as there are software’s and online services available for accounting.

While there are several methods people can use to earn a living, two easy to set up businesses available are drop shipping and affiliate marketing.

At first glance, they do seem similar, but they are both different.

Read through the article to find out what’s the difference between them and which one got the best home-based business in 2019 Badge.

Drop shipping

Drop shipping is simply running an online store without needing to store an inventory to ship the product. Setting it up is easy; you just set up the store online as you would in the real world, collecting the money like a regular store.

But the beautiful thing is instead of having your products cluttering up your home, interfering with your family life and having to find and pack an order when you receive it from a customer, you simply send an identical order to the distributor at a wholesale price, and they will take care of the packing and the shipping of the product to the customer for you.

Essentially, as a drop shipper, you have become a middleman by selling the products on your website. The profit is made by increasing the price along the way.

The good news about drop shipping is you can set it up through your own storefront, or from Amazon or eBay, or from other established online marketplaces, though you will need to check to make sure it is allowed since time changes the rules for all online marketplaces and they may not allow drop shipping.

The bad news with this business model is when you come to set up the infrastructure. You don’t just need to make product listings, setting up the website either on your own or by using established marketplaces, making them attractive for your customers so they will buy them. Another hard part is looking more attractive than your competitors. The risk there is you make less of a profit per item while you try to beat your competitors by selling sheer volume.

You also need to contact your suppliers and make deals with them. It’s straight forward enough with some products. The suppliers aren’t interested with the mess of dealing with the marketing or sales sides, so they make it easier for you by setting up drop shipping programs to allow anyone to join in and help them make a profit.

Others are harder to contact, requiring a phone call to be passed through to the right department.

Granted, these could be more lucrative, since they keep out the low-level drop shippers who want to make money quickly but can’t be bothered making the effort. It also takes time to set up a successful business in this way.

One plus side to this model is it is quite cheap to set up. You only need to set up your contacts and spend a little on the cost of the website – if you are selling on a website you’ve set up from scratch you will need to think about the cost of web hosting. The business is all online, and it’s independent of your own personal life. It can also be scaled up, so you have a better living. But make sure you have enough money to cover returns.

Above through the discussion What I found from Dropship



1. Easy to set up.

2. Aside from the setting up of the website and gathering contacts and making listings, the business is hands off. There is no need to store and package the product. You are just the middleman.

3. Has the potential to be lucrative despite the work you will need to put into the business.


1. You will need to personally look for drop shipping programs and contact the owners and make the deals. Don’t forget – this isn’t a major problem with some organizations since they have drop shipping programs you can easily enroll in, but for others, you will need to make phone calls and get through to the right department.

2. You are RESPONSIBLE for customer satisfaction. If the product is defective, it is you who will get the blame. So, you will need to respond to customer grievances.

3. You need at least a small chunk of money for setting up an online store (example: Shopify monthly subscription fees) and you need money for advertisement as well.

Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate Marketing is like drop shipping in that you don’t have to store the products, but the big difference is it works by you refer customers to another business and takes a commission for it.

affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketers can set up their business on either a blog or a website, and just publish plenty of content on it like a regular website, though there are links embedded in the website that opens to the other business, so your website acts like a referral engine without you touching the product being shown.

You don’t collect the money either. If the customer who’s clicked on a link buys the product from the other business, then the platform will pay your commission in a month or so.

But how does the affiliate program know it was you who referred the customer? Simple, the business would place a tracking cookie is placed on your computer, whenever a customer clicks on the links to their site and makes a purchase, they will know.

Above through the discussion What I found from Affiliate Marketing


1. Easy to set up. – You just need a website or a blog.

2. The entire sales process is hands off. You just write the blog and add links to the website with the affiliate program – Amazon has one, and it is easy to do.

3. No need to worry about customer fulfillment or customer support. A commission is just paid. That’s it.

4. You can start Affiliate Marketing from empty hands, like from Drop shipping you don’t need to spend money on advertisement. If you want, you can rely on Organic traffic instead of Paid Traffic.


1. No guarantee the customer will even click on the links, so no commission.

2. You just set up a blog or a website and write content – there’s no actual work involved. You don’t know besides the analytics results if people are even remotely interested in what you are trying to do.

And the Best Home-Based Business in 2019 is!

Although these two ways of making a profit and earning a living online are both lucrative, they come with their own fair share of risks. They both have the potential to do nothing for you if you’re not going to set up the groundwork.

With drop shippers, you set up a business storefront that accepts payment from credit cards as opposed to affiliating marketing where you’re reliant on a commission.

The problem with both businesses is that they have both had their reputations soiled by scammers over the years, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible to use them to make a living.

As an affiliate marketer, you just set up a blog or a website and publish content, whereas if you set up a drop shipping business you have the chance to scale up your business and watch the results.

In my view -The Best Home-Based Business in 2019 is Affiliate Marketing

And why I choose Affiliate Marketing?

Here are some reasons

-You can start affiliate marketing in an empty hand

-You don’t need any prior experience

-Less hassle

-Low risk

-Huge affiliate marketing product available in affiliate market place, like in Click bank and Amazon

-You can work from anywhere.

-Easy to learn all those processes which you need to start affiliate marketing

-You don’t have to spend any money on an advertisement for your website. If you want, you could start bringing organic traffic instead of paid traffic wherein Dropship you must have to spend money on advertisement.

If you would like to know more about the difference between Dropship and Affiliate Marketing, you will find a ton of article and resources. Some will choose Dropship and some Affiliate Marketing. You will find tons of Resources from Reddit. From Reedit you will find an Epic community where all the time discussed about trend topic. Just type “Drop shipping vs affiliate marketing reddit” in Google and you will find that.

However, it is your choice from where you want to start, Dropship or Affiliate Marketing. But if you want to start Affiliate Marketing check my Blog Steps to become an Affiliate Marketer”.

I hope this article has helped you. Best of Luck.

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