Do You Think “Tranont Is A Scam”?-My Findings

Tranont is a scamTranont is another MLM or multi-level marketing company that’s gaining prevalence. While some reviews about it are positive, the negative reviews are still dominating. True enough, there are reasons as to why Tranont receives backlash.

One of the most popular negative feedback about Tranont is its alleged scam image. With all this information about them in the media, one can’t help but research on their credibility. This is what this review is offering. Let’s layout the facts first.


What Is Tranont?

Tranont is an MLM company. An MLM company has a business feature of affiliating with downlines. We will discuss more MLM in the “How the product works” section. Unlike some MLM countries which sell related products, Tranont sells wide-ranging product themes. Tranont offers products in health as well as in finances.

what is tranont

Tranont is being run by Lone Berry, and the company is based in the United States (US). Lorne Berry was involved in the real estate business in Utah. His real estate work had gone out for about 10 successful years. His forte in real estate was educating the customers about market investments. His broad knowledge about business made him some sort of a guru for international business organizations, small-scale businesses, and more.


How Tranont Works?

Tranont is an MLM business, so its business structure is that of an MLM. Let’s break down how MLM works. An outsider needs to sign up for the company. Once he signs up, he needs to pay some membership fees and other fees that the company deems payable.

Once you are an active affiliate, you can sell their product and a profit through commissions. Plus, this outsider (or affiliate; whatever an MLM company calls them) can create groups of affiliates under him. He can get a commission from whatever sales his affiliates under him makes. This is the generic business way of MLM, but it can vary from one company to another.How tranont works

For Tranont, their signup fee is $99. To continue your membership with them, you’ll need to pay $25 per month. They say that the monthly fee is for the tools and support that they offer you in the course of your affiliate life with them.

You’ll also need to pay product subscriptions per month. The cost of these product subscriptions will depend on the type of product that you want to sell. For example, their health product costs $150 a month, and their Wealth products can go as high as $250.

Below are some of Tranont’s health products’ pricing:

  1. Restore: Restore is a supplement that helps with digestion. Restore is priced at $50 per bottle.
  2. Vibe: This vitamin B capsule is priced at $45 per bottle.
  3. Balance: Balance is a supplement of antioxidants and amino acid chelated minerals. This is priced at $50 per bottle.
  4. Life: This supplement helps you absorb more nutrients from the food that you eat. It is priced at $45 per bottle.
  5. Icaria Glow: This drink is abundant in antioxidants and is priced at $89 per bottle.


In the Wealth section, they offer services in the following section:

  1.  Credit services
  2.  Identity theft security
  3. Tax support
  4. Estate planning


How Can You Make Money From There?

Making money from Tranont is very much like what you will expect in an MLM company. You usually get commissions on every sale that you make. You also make commissions from your recruits and the sales that your recruits make. There are many ways that you can earn money from Tranont. Cited below are some of their money-making ways:

  1. You sell Tranont’s financial software or health products, and you get a commission from your direct customer;
  2. You sell Tranont’s financial software or health products, and you get a commission from your indirect customer;
  3. You recruit selling members down you, and you get a commission from every sale that they make;
  4. You have the chance to get their amazing bonuses like car bonuses, promotional trips, incentives, TranontLife commissions, Life bonus, and bonus pools.


Things To Like About Tranont

  • They have a variety of products in the health section. This increases your chances of selling something.
  • They have lots of bonuses for their associates if you are lucky enough to climb into a certain milestone. They have a car bonus, bonus pools, promotional bonus, and more;
  • You are in charge of most of your time. Since it is an MLM company, you are left to your own devices. You can sell how much software you want to whomever you want. If you wanted to adhere to personal or company quotas, it’s up to you;


Things To Not Like About Tranont

  • There is a high probability of failing in Tranont’s MLM system;
  • Tranont’s CEO has a bothersome reputation in the past. We wouldn’t declare about the person’s history here but selling for a reputable boss is really important. Selling for a known and good founder, amps up your chances of actually making a sale;
  • Tranont has a complex compensation plan. Their compensation plan can sometimes be confusing. You’ll need an experienced associate to teach you about their compensation matrix and systems;
  • MLM companies are rampant. There are many companies right now that sells the same idea with the same business model. This inconvenience will make it even harder for you to sell;
  • It’s not a well-known MLM company, so you really have to put your pitch hard out there.
  • Their health products are mostly supplements and health boosters, which are not bad, but who honestly buy supplements anymore?


Is Tranont A Scam? -My Honest Opinion

scamIt’s hard to judge if Tranont is a scam or not. Tranont is an MLM type of company, so naturally, people think of it impressionably as a scam. The truth is, Tranont is neither a scam nor a worthy company to devote your time to. Why so?

Let me get this straight here. Tranont is not a scam. It is just a knee jerk reaction of the many to call it a scam because it is an MLM type of company. The company gives out real products and services so you can’t really call it a scam. It’s possibly true, though, that it is a business that’s not worth devoting your time into. If you are interested in joining them, stop and think for a while; don’t risk your hard-earned money in investing in their “business opportunity.”

Although Tranont’s health products are tangible products, they are supplement products. The market doesn’t warm up with supplement-based products anymore. First, they are not a necessity; second, many believe that supplements can do more harm than good. The people’s logic is if you are perfectly healthy, why ruin it by inflicting your body with relatively unknown health products?

Second, it’s an MLM company, so naturally, people will judge it. MLM companies are at risk of being looked at as something that’s only interested in profiting from downlines. People loosely though that MLM products are just dummy products and that the real profiting value is through recruitment.

Third, Tranont’s CEO has an interesting but slightly bothersome reputation. The company’s reputation is strictly related to its owner. So be careful in choosing companies to invest your time in. Yes, I know it seems unfair to judge people by their past, but that’s the current public view right now, and that is a hard mindset to change.

Fourth, MLM companies are rampant. You’ll have more competitors than you think. Some of these MLM companies have better compensation plans, selling price points, reputation, products, and more.

Fifth, Tranont is not a well-known MLM company, so you really have to put your pitch hard out there. Meaning, you’ll work double time on marketing Tranont’s business products.


Final Thought About Tranont And It’s Alternative

Many people think that Tranont is a scam, but this is not always true. Many people would tag it unnecessarily as a scam because it is an MLM (and for a good reason), but still, you need to research more to judge it fact. However, there is a lot of negative feedback on both customers and affiliates’ end.

Tranont is not a scam but (rather), a bad business to invest. There could be good money generated for people on top of the MLM pyramid, but not so much for those at the bottom (the newbies). If you compare Tranont to some MLM companies, you’ll even find better ones.

In the end, Tranont is not scamming you; it’s just a bad opportunity to invest in. However, don’t take my word for it. Research more about Tranont’s business opportunities, and you might uncover some gems about the company.

But don’t lose hope, my friend. There are still a lot of business opportunities to look into. If you are into freelancing (judging by the fact that you are attracted to business models like MLM), try to search for business opportunities within the online business. You never know; you might find something worthy to invest in. So, good luck with your search. May you find the best business opportunity for you!


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