Concentrix Work From Home -My Honest Review

Concentrix Work From Home Review

Welcome to my Concentrix Work From Home review. Concentrix’s work from home customer service representative jobs is the envy of many people in Greenville, SC, United States.

After all, no job can be as amazing as that which allows you to work from home. And Concentrix is one of the few companies that allow their employees to work from the comfort of their abodes. It goes without saying that the employees of these companies benefit a lot from the business model of their respective companies. For instance, they are able to: save on commuting costs, work within a comfortable environment of their homes without any supervision and enjoy more time with their families. The advantages of work from home jobs are a story for another day. My focus today is on Concentrix and every detail about the subsidiary of Synnex Corporation, including an in-depth overview of the multinational, how it works as well as what I do & do not like about it. Without further ado, let us get the ball rolling:

Concentrix Overview


To start with, Concentrix(Which was named of Convergys before) is a major business services company that is headquartered in Fremont, CA, United States, with over 125 locations worldwide. This Fortune 500 listed company offers services in ten different industries namely; automotive, retail & e-commerce, healthcare services, banking & financial services, insurance, consumer electronics, and media & communications. Apart from these, Concentrix caters to travel & tourism, public transport, technology, and energy sectors. The company provides sales & marketing, customer service, and debt collection services to companies within the above industries. This company is chock-full of employment opportunities owing to the fact that it has many clients that enlists its services.

How Does Concentrix Work?

how convergys works

It is important to note that only select categories of jobs offered by Concentrix are home based on customer service being one of them. The responsibilities of their customer service representatives include supporting daily operations of the organization’s clients remotely via phone, email or web channels. Plus, they pay on an hourly basis, offering between $9 and $9.50 per hour to entry-level representatives and higher rates to more experienced representatives. On average, you can expect to work for 8 hours and above five days a week and sometimes six or seven days a week.

You can apply to work for Concentrix as a home-based customer service representative as long as you meet their requirements, which include;

  • integrity, passion, and motivation not to mention a high school diploma or equivalent.
  • Additionally, you must possess exceptional communication, verbal and soft skills, which will enable you to communicate well with others, be flexible & be patient not to mention work as part of a team.
  • Besides the above, you must have excellent computer skills with competency in Microsoft Windows.
  • Their other key requirements include the ability to; work independently & in a team setting, establish rapport with clients, work overtime and excel in a fast-paced work environment.
  • What’s more, you need to have a passion for talking & helping others. Lastly, you need to be comfortable multitasking.

What I Like about Concentrix

I Like

1. A Viable and Profitable Source of Remote Work

Most work from home jobs can be treated as part-time jobs due to the fact that they never generate incomes that can fully sustain someone. However, with Concentrix work from home, it is a different story altogether. This company offers freelancers an opportunity to earn salaries equivalent or even higher than those generated by full-time jobs. Taking that into account, it is safe to say that this company is a viable and profitable source of remote work.

2. Plenty of Work

As a multinational business services company with clients across more than ten different industries, Concentrix continues to enjoy an overwhelming demand from clients. As such, the company has a demand for employees, mostly remote based. They have plenty of opportunities for those that seek work from home jobs.

3. Easy Requirements to Join

Despite being one of the most well-paying companies for freelance work, Concentrix has very basic requirements for those that seek employment. As far as technical skills are concerned, you only need a high school diploma or equivalent and basic computer skills, including Microsoft Windows. Additionally, you need to have great verbal and written communication skills, which nobody that has gone to school would lack. The rest are soft skills, which everybody has or at least can fake.

4. Same Benefits to All Categories of Employees

The best part about Concentrix is that they offer vacation pay, paid training, and even pension plans to all categories of employees, including work from home. Even though it is a great thing, it is not very typical of companies to offer such incredible benefits to their home-based employees.

What I Do Not Like about Concentrix

What I Don't Like

1. Concentrix Fires without a Second Thought

Besides the fact that this company does not have a problem parting ways with employees who have broken their rules, I did not see anything else not to like about them. I came across many complaints online from ex-employees who were fired with the flimsiest excuses, including first-time lateness.

2. Long Work Hours

Concentrix sometimes subjects its employees to long work hours up to twelve hours in a day. Many people have raised the issue in many reviews and forums where this company is the subject matter.

3. Poor Communication

Another major disadvantage of working with Concentrix as a home-based employee is a poor communication. Many employees have complained about the fact that the managers do not communicate with them properly, especially when it comes to contacts.

Is There Any Concentrix Alternative?

Well, you will get hundreds of company like Concentrix who offer work from home opportunity. But the main point is with all of this company have some advantages or disadvantages.

So now you have to decide what type of work from home opportunity you want. Do you want to work under a company like 9 to 5 jobs or you want to work independently, although Concentrix is a very reputable company?

Final Verdict

If you are looking to make decent money that can sustain your family with remote employment, Concentrix should be at the top of your list. This company offers exciting work from home opportunities with top rates and other benefits many companies reserve for their full-time in-house employees. One of the main disadvantages of working for this company is the fact that they can fire you for a very lame excuse such as being late for work even once. Also, be sure to check out another online opportunity, like you can build your own online business and work from home and make money at the same time.

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