ClickBank-Your Account Is Under Review

Hello and Welcome to my ClickBank Review.

Have you ever thought to start making money online? Then You definitely heard about ClickBank. Before you jumped on to ClickBank and start the process, I would like to ask you to read all through this review and decide.

Yes, today, ClickBank -Your Account Is Under Review.

What is ClickBank?

ClickBank basically an online digital marketplace which allows people to sell their product and take payment through ClickBank. ClickBank mainly an affiliate marketing programme.

ClickBank sells digital products worldwide as a top100 online retailer with 200 million customers.

For more than 20 years, ClickBank has a vast library of over 6 million unique products.

But ClickBank is mainly known for those people who want to earn money from affiliate marketing.

When and How ClickBank started?

When ClickBank started

In 1998, Tim and Eileen Barber started ClickBank from a Garage in San Diego, California.

That time the founder observed that the rapid growth of the internet was creating the outburst of a website and digital content which could make difficult for people to find the product they needed. So, it could be a great idea if they found one Digital Marketplace for the seller and for the earner. And from this thought, ClickBank was Born.

What ClickBank Do?

For more than 20 years ClickBank has delivered lifestyles products for the customer in Worldwide. ClickBank not only helping Customer but Product creators as well as Digital Marketers.

For Customers:

If you are a customer, looking products-whatever is it, it could be cooking to Programming, or it could be for health and fitness, you will get 6 million unique products here.

For Product creator:

If you are a Product creator, want to sell your product, why not try ClickBank? You could rely on ClickBank to help scale your Growth.

Why you should think about the ClickBank marketplace to sell your product? Here are those reason

  •  You could reach to Global Audience with your Product.
  • Start re-marketing and increase your sales.
  •  You will get Excessive help and support to handle your sales from ClickBank.
  •  You could get attraction from Digital marketer through affiliate marketing in


  •  ClickBank will handle all your affiliate pay-outs procedure.
For Digital Marketer:

ClickBank is mostly known to Digital Marketer. If you are a Digital Marketer, want to earn money from Online or digital Marketing, ClickBank is the best Place for you. You can start earning in an empty hand from ClickBank.

How to Make Money From ClickBank:

ClickBank is an affiliate marketing program facilitating more than 30,000 sales per day for over six million users registered on its platform. However, the biggest challenge is that only a few people know how to make money on ClickBank. That’s why I have dedicated this article to show you how to make money with ClickBank either you want to sell your own product, or you want to promote someone else product as an Affiliate Marketer.

If you have an eBook, software, or online video that you’d like to promote, ClickBank makes it easy for you. All you must do is sign up as a vendor, then list your product and set a commission you are willing to pay your affiliates. Once your product is listed, other ClickBank users will promote it for you. This will drive traffic to your website’s sales page. After paying affiliates and the ClickBank takes to place your product on the marketplace, you will gain profit from every product sold. Be sure to set your prices right to ensure you make a reasonable margin from each sale.

If you do not have your own product, you can still make money on ClickBank. As soon as you sign up as an Affiliate Marketer with ClickBank, you will have access to thousands of products.clickbank product

Go for products with the best commission percentages but take your time to ensure the vendor you have chosen has a trustworthy website. The more traffic you drive their way; the more money you can make with ClickBank.

Now If you would like to know how to choose the best product from ClickBank to sell I will ask you to read this article How to Pick a Clickbank Product to Promote”

And if you would like to know how you can become an Affiliate Marketer-check it out “Steps to Become an Affiliate Marketer”.

Some Common Question Always Asked About Clickbank

What Services Are Offered by Clickbank?

As said above, Clickbank acts as a connection between digital content creators, and affiliates. Therefore, the kinds of products you’re most likely to find on the website are eBooks, membership sites, audiobooks, and software application such as email marketing software etc.

Additionally, it has an affiliate network whose aim is to ensure businesses attain visibility. This means; when you enter your product on the site it’s bound to face stiff competition from other similar products and hence, might not generate income as expected.

And, that’s when Clickbank comes in. It will make sure your item is seen by many affiliates who will then promote it thus, creating more revenue generating opportunities for your business.

Is ClickBank Legit, And Recognized?

The presence of an official website should be enough to tell if this company is credible or not. Clickbank has an official website:, which is said to have attracted over 1.500,000 affiliate marketers in 2011. Of which, 100,000 remained active on the site.

Popularly, known to be the most trusted center for affiliate marketers, it was once named top affiliate network in the US by the Revenue Magazine. In 2016, it was listed in the top-100 internet retailers as reported by the Internet Retailer Magazine.

Who Can Join Clickbank, And What Are the Requirements?

Surprisingly, Clickbank is for anyone/everyone, and you don’t need to pay a dime as it’s free to join.

You’re only required to enter your personal information as well as your banking information, on the sign-up page. Afterward, you’ll be provided with your personal (unique) link, which you can only use when referring customers to the product page.

Thereafter, you’ll proceed to choose the kind of product you’d like to promote. To do this, you’ll need to visit the Clickbank Marketplace or vendors’ website.

Can You Make Huge Commission Through Your Clickbank Account?

The answer to this question will entirely depend on the type of product you choose to promote. While at the Clickbank Marketplace, you’ll be provided with a long list of products with, the most popular on top.

Aiming for products with a reasonable commission (of at least 40%) is highly recommended. So, doing, your earnings won’t be seriously reduced even after the transaction a fee is deducted from your sale.

Can I get A Refund for a Product with No Value?

Yes, you can, and you will. If you happen to buy an item but, it doesn’t meet your expected needs, then you have the liberty to ask for a refund.

Clickbank offers an exceptional money-back guarantee. And, it will ensure you get 100% of your money back.

Can I Join Clickbank From Any Country?

Unfortunately, Clickbank’s affiliate program is mainly in the US and other international countries. It’s only in 2009, that it had an addition of 29 countries to its affiliate program.

Armenia, Brazil, Argentina, Bolivia, and Mali are among the added countries to Clickbank’s affiliate program.

And ClickBank banned some of the countries. Here is those list-


What Are the Available Payment Methods, And How Do They Pay?

The following are the methods used by Clickbank to make regular payments to its affiliates: Default payment option (check), Direct Deposit (For Us, and other eligible countries), Wire Transfer (For countries illegible for direct deposit), and lastly, Payoneer.

Payoneer is mainly used by affiliate marketers in not-listed countries. After you’ve registered your Clickbank account, make sure you add Global Payment Service (Payoneer), as your bank account.

The amount paid to you will depend on your payment threshold (the minimum amount required to be in your account before any payment is made), and account activation.

For affiliates in the countries eligible for direct deposit such as the US and international countries, you’ll receive payment once per week. But it’ll be sent depending on the payment frequency selected by you.

Clickbank allows you to switch to any of the available payment methods, anytime except, it may take at least a week for the switch to take effect.

Are There Penalties for Fraudulent Actions?

Clickbank is aware of the huge possibility of an affiliate to use his/her account for the wrong reasons such as collecting either discounts or rebates.

For this reason, an affiliate account must have a minimum of 5 sales, using at least two of these payment options: Maestro, Maestro Card, American Express, Pay Pal, Visa, Discover, Diners Club, or European Direct Debit.

This is called the Customer Distribution Requirement. Once attained, your account will start having normal payments, but only in line with Clickbank’s Accounting Policy.

What is The Bad thing about ClickBank?

Some sites are questionable about ClickBank, like-

  • Product quality (anyone can sell any quality product, there is no quality checking process)
  • More competition available, so it is hard for a new affiliate marketer to promote the clickbank product.
  • ClickBank Affiliate Market place hasn’t updated for long.
  • Questionable Customer Service.

Final Thought

Now from all those discussions, I found Yes ClickBank has some weak point as well that some people may don’t like ClickBank but still ClickBank is the most known online Marketplace where anyone- either product seller or affiliate marketer could make money.

If you’re looking to buy or sell items through affiliate marketing, then Clickbank is the way to go. It guarantees safety to both buyers and sellers. Most importantly, it aims at creating more revenue-generating activities to businesses as well as ordinary people.

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