Arise Work Home Reviews-Is It A Job Or Business?

Arise Work From Home
Are you looking any part-time or full-time work that you can work from home and earn money? Then You heard about Arise. Now when you come in Arise website you will see, they say “It is better than a job”. Now what you think? Is it job or any Business opportunity? So, here I have done a review about “Arise work From Home” and I will show you how it works and what I like and don’t like about this company. To give you full details about this opportunity let’s go in depth then.

Arise Overview

Arise overview

Arise is a company that has a working relationship with clients, does their invoicing and payment pack and gives them training and the programmer needed to finish their work. It’s a pioneer of customer management, technology, and business process outsourcing. You will not become an employee of Arise but an independent contractor managing your own business hence becoming your own boss although you must pay a registration fee to become a client.

Arise provides a good working atmosphere for those comfortable working from home; it motivates young professionals to become better in the future by enabling them to learn from Arise leaders. The company provides enough room to grow and makes it possible for an individual to own their own businesses and earn an income. Otherwise, the setbacks can be very disheartening, and you need to work on your customer care services and responses, also need to ensure that your internet systems are up to date; and expand in other states.

How Arise Works

Watch this video to learn more about Arise.

To get started, you’ll pay between $250-$750. Not all the money goes to Arise. The state that the person lives in charges a fee to start a corporation, usually between $100-$350. Arise requires that the contractor has high-speed internet and landline phone, installation of those are probably $50 each or more. A headset is required too, $35-$100, depending on the quality a person wants. Finally, arise charges from $50-$250 for The Initial Client Program Certification Course that takes 6 weeks to complete.

On top of all those charges, you’ll have monthly recurring charges as well. You’re looking at probably $125/month. Depending on the company you go with on the phone and internet, it’s going to be at least $80 for the two of them. Then, Arise has their hand out every month for the use of their platform, $39.50/month.

What I like

I Like

  • Arise makes it easy to have clients as they bring clients to you; as it’s the hardest thing to achieve when working for yourself.
  • Their contractors are very well-trained and well-equipped and can choose their own clients enabling one to have multiple clients.
  • It’s comfortable working in a familiar environment and Arise makes this possible as you can work from home avoiding the crazy rush to and from a workplace, be able to set your own comfortable working hours.
  • Arise have the training you need available therefore there is no second guessing about your qualifications, it is also possible to hire other people to work under you without involving Arise.
  • Every business setup is legitimate; you do not have to worry about tax payments as you are able to be set up as an LLC having a separate business account for finances from personal money.
  • Arise work from home is a company that gives upcoming professionals the ability to advance by encouraging them to take new responsibilities and work on projects enabling them to gain diverse career experience.

What I don’t like

What I Don't Like

  • There are complications before becoming the Arise work from home client as real commitment is needed to the job you will be doing and this includes the investment of time, energy and training money; not forgetting the office set up which includes a phone line installation and incorporated business.
  • Low income when compared with money paid for training and payment of the monthly fee. The training you get at Arise cannot be used to expand your work at home as it is only beneficial when working with that client, plus training takes several weeks to be over with and is unpaid.
  • There is the monthly fee payment which you must incur to remain a part of Arise work from home.
  • Work can be seasonal too as there is no guarantee of getting clients each day as clients come and go, hence no guarantee of one working the whole year.
  • Arise services are limited to only selected states and not all states are included to work as Arise clients as its only available in the US, Canada, and the UK.
  • Some extra hours including evening and weekends may be needed especially when you have more than one client as you are not in full control of their schedule entirely.
  • Arise have several problems like poor communication skills especially when one emails the management as they ignore their clients; atrocious spellings when emailed updates and changes about dealing with the client its therefore reasonable to just use spell checker frequently and they have bad marketing quality.
  • The Avaya call managing program freezes due to daily problems with Arise servers hence you must reload the entire system meaning payment will not be made.
  • Arise is threatening to sue people that speak negatively about the company. Some of their biggest clients have bailed due to Arise doing such a poor job and it has hurt their reputation.
  • Arise is known for continuously bringing on new contractors and putting them through training, all the while nobody has had work for quite some time. Although Arise says their people are contractors and not employees, they certainly spend a lot of time monitoring, controlling and dictating like they are.
  • According to the BBB, there have been over 110 complaints in the past 3 years yet Arise has an A+ rating. Somehow, they’ve managed to make the complaints look like they’re wrong and call them settled.

Is Arise  Scam?

Of course not. Arise not a scam, it is legit. But it has some problem which needs to overcome.

It would be very professional to Arise if they could invest in people skills and new technology to set the company up for success. Monitor the chat rooms for PF compliance by having a helpline for agents and not only AVA. Fixing or better still upgrading the servers can be a real help as it costs the client money when servers are down and start treating their clients’ right. They can improve communication and spell check before posting articles and improve graphics quality, once the staff is inspired, they will be a better outcome and achieve great things for the company. Arise should consider giving pay raises for long term employees as they are more than just names in the chat room.

If you would like to know more about work from home experience from Arise check this link to know some reviews from those people who worked before or some of still working for Arise.

My Final Thought

Working with Arise work from home only makes sense if one is looking for a long term commitment and career; one is truly okay with the notion of working in customer services and able to start your own business, assuming all responsibilities that come along as it’s not a great platform to make money on the side. They should consider investing in human capital as this will help in dealing and solving cases that arise from their clients efficiently. The training fee should be reduced, and training hours also need to be investigated too, as they take too long and yet one does not get paid, nothing is for free.

Not everyone wants to work with Arise work from home or any other online business company; some would like to start their own online business which can be fulfilling compared to working for some company online. You can start with market research and find a solution to a problem affecting many people thus the internet makes it easy. You don’t have to wait for days to start an online business as you could start immediately even without any cash or little cost. You can use a free blog or register your own domain as it will only cost a few coins making your blog more professional.

Another advantage is that you don’t have to spend hours working every day as you are your own boss hence the business can be programmed; can hire workers to create videos or social media platforms if you find it to be too much work for advertisements.

Online businesses are built on systems hence there is immeasurable income potential, after trying out different ways you will be able to know what works for you ensure that your income increases steadily; this doesn’t mean that money will come flowing in immediately. It can be termed as mobile as you can work anywhere on earth without any restrictions if you have a computer and internet access.

There is nothing satisfying like working on something you truly enjoy and love, as it can be fun especially when compared to what most people go through in employment as a majority don’t love their jobs. Online businesses can be energizing too and make someone become creative as you obliged to think of ways to better their business and become better than other competitors. What I love most about online businesses is that even if you are employed, it’s possible to start your own business and manage it without any stress as you are your own boss, no terms and conditions that make you really bored and uncomfortable. Now if you have any question or any comments please leave in below.

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