Ariix Is A Scam-Think Twice To Join

Ariix Scam

The company Ariix is getting a lot of buzz lately, so it is just proper to review it. With this, I’ve compiled some essential hard facts about Ariix. You will be oriented on Ariix’s company profile, their business structure, their compensation plan for members, the pros and cons of investing in them, and the truth about the phrase, “Ariix is a scam.”

What Is Ariix?

Ariix is one of the newest MLM or multi-level marketing company established in the year 2011. Ariix’s main operation is in Utah, United States. Its main product lines are focused on health and wellness.What is Ariix

Ariix is vocal about its founders and the people who operate behind it. You will see their executives splayed on their websites, which are Mark Cooper and Mark Wilson. They also listed the other five major VIPs working behind the scene.

This is being vocal, and all about their leaders is a bold move as most MLM companies keep their owners in incognito. An MLM company that doesn’t hide executives shoots high in terms of credibility. This can also mean that these executives are sharpshooters and confident about their operations.


How Does Ariix Work?

Ariix’s line of products is comprised of 5 items. All of these products are ranging from dietary supplements, body oils, weight loss programs, general health, wellness, and more. Ariix takes pride in the quality of their products. They claim that their products haven’t undergone any GMO modifications. They also claim that their products follow the strict protocols of EPA, United States Pharmacopeia, and USADA.

Their products are comprehensively described in their website. However, they do not explicitly show the prices of the products. There is a link that leads you to a shopping cart, but you will find it hard to buy as you will need to create an account on their website first. This bit of fact is curious and certainly not hard to miss.

Since Ariix is an MLM type of company, it obviously adheres to the business structure of an MLM company. The structure includes commissions from sales, recruitment commissions, and team sales bonus commissions.


How Can You Make Money From There?

To start earning in Ariix, you have to sign up as their affiliate. And to start earning commissions as an affiliate, you have to generate a certain volume of points of 75 on your 4th week. Ariix also requires its affiliates to enroll in their auto-delivery products on the first day.


Another way of earning in Ariix is by placing yourself as an affiliate in higher ranks. How do you do it? You should be able to build your team of downlines that could bleed to more downlines. However, that’s not just it. Your team has to generate a certain amount of sales in a particular period in order for you to maintain or jump off to a higher rank.

There are also all sorts of membership to choose from as an affiliate member of Ariix. There is a total of 6 membership plans in Ariix, and choosing one is pretty significant as it could make or break your career with Ariix.

To join a membership, you have to pay. The payment ranges from 200 USD (the lowest) and up to 1250 USD (the most expensive). Ideally, the most expensive membership plan is the best plan for an affiliate as it comes with a wide range of products to sell and better perks. Regardless of what membership you chose, you need to pay a general membership fee of 25 USD per year.

Another way of earning in Ariix is through their IIX Membership. In the middle of your affiliate journey, Ariix would offer you the IXX Membership. In IXX membership, affiliates would get a 15% discount on products that they purchased for themselves. And the biggest bit of them all is, affiliates will have the chance to double their earnings. However, to qualify for this feature, an affiliate must do one of the following tasks:

  1. 1. Get an affiliate pack which includes the IIX membership.
  2. 2. Pay 150 dollars upfront.
  3. 3. Generate a personal volume sale of 500 until the fourth week of your affiliate membership.

The next way of earning is through the company’s residual commissions. The residual commission plan of Ariix is based on a uni-level system.


What Are The Advantages Of Working With Ariix?

  • Ariix’s products are of good quality. Ariix’s products are approved for public consumption as per the FDA or the Food and Drugs Administration. This adds to the selling ability of their health products.
  • Ariix’s line of products is comprehensive compared to other MLM products. Their products have a wide variety of options, which is good for you as a seller. With a wide variety of products, your market expands and your chances of selling increases too.
  • They have many membership plans to choose from (which is 6 in total). You are not confined to one default membership plan. You have the will to choose what plan works well for you. For example, if you are a student, you would have the chance to be a member of Ariix by choosing the least expensive membership plan.


What Are The Disadvantages Of Working With Ariix?

  • Their compensation plan is confusing. I don’t know if Ariix intentionally wants their affiliates to stay confused, but their system is not that organized. It looked unorganized due to their many membership plans, compensation plans, ranking conditions, upsells, and more.
  • They do upsell before you can even earn. As a new affiliate, you might get discouraged at first in joining due to the many fees that you are going to face upfront. For example, in your day one as an affiliate, you are obliged to purchase their auto-order system. Aside from the auto-order system, you also need to purchase a type of membership that can go as high as 1250 USD.
  • The MLM type of business is not for everyone. If you are not an experienced salesman or somebody who doesn’t know the word “marketing,” you might get lost in this business.
  • They have strict and impossible requirements before you can earn through commissions. You need to maintain at least 75 sales points in your first four weeks before you get a commission from the products you sell. Aside from that, you also need to maintain a certain sales point for you to keep your position within the ranking system.
  • Ariix’s products are too expensive to sell. This is not a problem if you know how to sell. However, for newbies, they might have a hard time selling expensive products.
  • The heath and MLM market are too saturated, and almost everyone doesn’t believe in both concepts anymore. MLMs are perceived as a scam, and health supplements aren’t treated as a necessity anymore. These factors can add up in the difficulty of selling them.


Is Ariix A Scam?

Ariix is not a scam if you view their company in hindsight. It’s just basically an MLM company that wants to profit through recruiting members, which is (by the way) wrong in every way. The glaring negative structure of MLM is that people who’re on top of the MLM structure are the only ones that profit well. The new affiliates on the bottom downlines scurry to sell but end up earning almost nothing.


As an MLM structure expands, the more difficult it is for the bottom affiliates to get new members. Their chances of not getting scammed at the end are dire, too, as an MLM type of company is erratic. It can close at any moment. In the end, the people at the bottom get victimized the moment their company closes.

A company that relies on recruiting people might as well be tagged as a “scam.” Ariix relies heavily on upsells and in the expansion of their MLM structure. You know that a company is genuine when they rely on the ability of their product to sell. This only means that their product is legitimate and that the company truly offers a real product or service to a consumer which is not the case for Ariix.

Nobody is saying that you shouldn’t enter into their membership program. If you feel like Ariix would help you earn, then, by all means, join them. However, you should be careful in dealing with the Ariix company as it follows an MLM structure. And the most disconcerting thing about MLM companies is the fact that they could disappear anytime soon.

Think of MLM as an impending bomb that can explode anytime. As the MLM structure expands, the pressure of selling more products increases. If this pressure is not met, it could lead to an explosion, and you wouldn’t even notice right away.


Final Thought

MLM companies are not the only way to go to earn in a freelance way. There are many ways that you could earn without adhering to the tradition 9 to 5 work setting. Plus, there are other types of businesses that don’t require the difficulty (or the risk) that you’ll face hard on an MLM company. For example, you can delve on online business or advertise your skills for remote work. Whatever you choose, make sure that it’s something you love or something suitable for your current condition. Your skills don’t have to be too technical like astronomy (lol). For example, a basic knowledge of content creation is enough for you to enter an online business.

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