Amazon Work Home Opportunities, Looking To Work With Them?

Amazon Work Home Opportunities

Working from home is continuing to gain momentum as more people are turning to it as a way of earning a living. It has undoubtedly been a great way to earn money while staying at home which is a great source of income for stay at home mothers or anyone else looking for an opportunity to supplement their income. Most of the work from home opportunities are usually from online resources that act as employers but others also stem from personal employment. Most of us heard about Amazon. Now do you know Amazon has work home opportunities?

I am going to review Amazon Work Home Opportunities today. Let’s find out is this opportunities right for you or not-or shall I show you the better option to work from home with Amazon?

Amazon Company Overview:

Amazon Head Office

Amazon.com is an American multinational company founded by Jeff Bezos on July 5, 1994, in Bellevue, Washington. The company initially started as an online marketplace for books but later they started to sell electronics, software, including from video games to jewelry.

Now Amazon known is the world’s largest e-commerce marketplace. Amazon is the second-largest technology company by revenue.-(Source-Wikipedia).

What Are Amazon Work From Home Opportunities?

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Amazon is one of the biggest enterprises that employ people to work from home and have gathered more popularity over the years. They have provided employment opportunities to numerous people from different parts of the world, something that has made them a force to reckon with in that sector.

In most cases, Amazon work home opportunities belong in the customer service category which involves handling issues raised by customers through the phone or emails. These are jobs that are available in different capacities with some being on a part-time basis and others on full time. The compensation, therefore, depends on what capacity one is hired. Some employees may get benefits while others may not. However, every employee is expected to meet their deadline and work for the duration expressed. For instance, those on a part-time basis are usually expected to work for a minimum of 20 hours per week while those on full-time capacity have to work for longer.

While these jobs are always appealing not just to those who stay at home but for any other person who needs a source of income, getting one is not always easy. The main cause of those is the geographical limitations since they are only available in a few states. This is often confusing to some people because Amazon can be accessed from anywhere but it’s advisable to first check if your state is among the approved ones before you try to apply.

How This Opportunity Works

To be considered, you have to apply for the Amazon work home opportunities/job like you do for any other job. You have to meet their requirements which include having at least a high school diploma and some experience in the customer service sector. Having a conducive atmosphere to be able to handle the job effectively is also needed. Apart from these, other qualifications such as the ability to use computer packages, emailing and working with chat forums.

If you want to have an upper hand, have some history with Amazon shopping as it will show that you have some experience with how they handle their customers. You should also learn some of the cultures within Amazon to familiarize yourself with the process.

When applying, go to the remote jobs section of their website and check out the available options. Have your documents like the resume ready and as you’ll be required to upload them as part of the application process.


I Like

  • One of the factors that make this job a great choice is a convenience that comes with it. You can work in the comfort of your home which means you don’t have to worry about what you wear or what you look like. You only have to sound professional while handling customer requests.
  • You also don’t have to worry about someone hounds you to do your job. You set your own time so long as you keep up with the requirement and continue meeting the expected high standards.
  • You have a chance of landing a customer service job with Amazon even if you don’t have prior experience. The training they offer allows you to learn and grow. When you start, you get a structure that shows you what is expected and therefore helps you know exactly what you’re supposed to do. In case, you need help you can contact the management who will steer you in the direction.


What I Don't Like

  • The amount of pressure that comes with the job has been cited as a common concern among many employees. As an employee, you’ll be expected to learn fast and deliver the specified amount of work within the specified duration. Failure to do so can lead to termination or displacement to another department, something that doesn’t sit well with most employees.
  • Some employees who lost their jobs especially those on a part-time basis didn’t get warnings before they were fired, something that can be traumatizing.
  • Having additional hours given to you without your consent is also a problem when it comes to Amazon work home opportunity. Some employees have had to work extra hours despite not picking the shifts themselves.
  • Another disadvantage associated with working for Amazon even from home involves inadequate payments that can’t suffice as the only source of income. Those who work from home rarely get any benefits and if they do, it is barely substantial. You have to dedicate your time and effort and withstand a lot of pressure as you deliver high-quality performance yet end up with an amount that can barely put food on your table at the end of the day. This, according to some people be’t just worth the effort. Although they have since increased it slightly to $15 per hour, even the minimum wage provided by the company be’t enough to cater to one’s needs.
  • While it’s true that working from home has its advantages such as flexibility, Amazon’s work home jobs don’t leave much of a choice in that capacity. Job opportunities are only available in specific states which means that not everyone can be employed by them. If you want to work with them, you may have to move to one of the approved states which can be hectic.

Alternative Option To Work With Amazon

Do you really want to work with Amazon? Yes, Amazon Work Home Opportunities have some disadvantages but still, you can work with Amazon but in a different way.

A Hundred of thousand people are working with this way either amazon or any other E-commerce platform. And that is called Affiliate Marketing.

If you would like to know more about Affiliate Marketing, Check these following resources.

As you can see Amazon known as the biggest e-commerce platform, so it’s the main job are to sell product through their platform. Thousands and thousands of supplier come every day in this platform to sell their product. If you want to help them to sell their products they will then give you commission and these opportunities called Affiliate Marketing.

This is a great way to make money from online where you don’t have to hold or stock or buy the product, even you don’t have to handle customer service but still, you can work with amazon and make money.

And don’t think it is a just lump sum money. Many people in the online world make 6/7 figure monthly income by this Affiliate Marketing. Just You need proper training and guidelines to start Affiliate Marketing with Amazon.

Final Thought

Amazon is one of the best and undoubtedly the biggest online shopping platform that brings high-quality products at fair prices. However, their work at home jobs shows that they aren’t the best option for employment. There have been complaints from many employees regarding how they are treated. This shows that there are better options that one can explore such as affiliate marketing. You’ll have more control and flexibility as well as a chance of making more money. You’ll also have more productivity as you’ll be working in a relaxed environment as well as better time management to balance your work life and personal life.

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