Amare Global Is A Scam-Unexpected Truth Revealed

amare global scam

Today’s topic will tackle about Amare Global. You’ll find out if it is a scam or not. We will also review how their business plan works and how can people benefit from them. We will also list down the pros and cons of joining them. Before you get to all that rigorous analysis, I would like to congratulate you for reading this page. This only means that you are careful enough to research before swiping that credit card fast.

Now, if you are ready, let’s start. Read on.



What Is Amare Global?

Amare Global is a health and wellness MLM or a multi-level marketing type of company. Hiep Tran and Shawn Talbott founded Amare Global. The products of Amare Global are focused on health and mental wellness. Their products are popular in social media, most particularly to the elderly.

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Amare Global is new in the MLM business. It was just established in the year 2016, and it has a pretty clean record as of the moment. The only catch is, one of their founders (Shawn Talbott) endured some bad issues from the past MLM companies that he’s been part of.

Shawn had a past MLM company that went under fire due to product exaggeration or false advertising, essentially. The particular product in question was Cortilim. The issue amassed a lawsuit amounting to 4.5 million dollars.


How Does Amare Global Works?

Amare Global’s product focuses on all-natural essential nutrients for mental health and general wellness. In layman’s term, Amare Global’s product is mental health supplements.

Amare Global takes pride in the fact that Science backs all of its products. Shawn Talbott is the head of their development department, by the way. The thing is the idea of “supplements” is debatable and borderline confusing. There is no absolute evidence or law that says; supplements are good for all. But let’s rest the case there for now. Scientific claims and studies are better left to the professionals. Some of their products are listed below:

Project B3 Pack – Priced at $274

Kids FundaMental Pack – Priced at $119

Core Wellness Pack – Priced at $188

Family Wellness Pack – Priced at $399

Launch Pack – Priced at $749

FundaMental Pack – Priced at $134


There are two ways of joining Amare Global. First, you can join as a Preferred Customers, and second, you can be a wellness partner. A Preferred Customer is essentially a customer but with certain perks. If you chose to be a Preferred Customer, you would need to pay a total amount of $25 annually to have the following perks:

  • 25% discount on product prices
  • Acquire certain products for free when you successfully referred a potential member


If you chose to be a wellness partner, you would need to pay a total amount of $70 annually to have the following perks:

  • 25% discount on product prices
  • Earn a commission through the company’s compensation scheme
  • Acquire free starter kits, tools, and more

You have an option to acquire their Launch Pack at $700. Launch Pack is a complete MLM package with perks.

Can You Make Money From Amare Global?

Amare Global is an MLM company, so this means there are two ways in which you can earn from them. The first way is to collect commissions from products that you sold. The second way is through building your team of sales representatives. When you have your team of selling members, you get a commission from what they sell, and you also get bonuses on certain landmarks.

Multilevel marketing

In collecting commissions from products, you sell, Amare Global gives you a 25% cut on every item sold. In downlines, you can have as many as seven tiers. You will also get a commission from the team net sold by.

Don’t be fooled, though. Building an elaborate team of 7 tiers is typically hard to assemble but not entirely impossible. Another difficult task that you’ll be having is the actual selling part of the product. You can’t just rely on your team member’s earnings. You need to sell too to keep your team motivated.

What Are The Advantages Of Working With Amare Global?

  • Their commission cuts are hefty. Imagine getting a cut of 25% on each product sold? That is pretty generous judging for an MLM business.
  • Their health supplements are not entirely bogus. Some people are raving about their products on social media. This means there is a huge chance that they have an effective and safe product right there. If that’s the case, you could easily sell their products, which can, in turn, generate more profit for you. However, the thing with supplements is, you don’t know if the effect is just a placebo or real.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Working With Amare Global?

  • Their products are slightly hard to sell. Their products are hard to sell because of the fact that supplements are generally difficult to pitch. Health supplements are not a necessity compared to food. In addition to that, there are still a huge number of people who don’t believe in the powers of supplements. Plus, the company’s products are expensive. Their products are priced as high as $800.
  • Their marketing efforts focus too much on MLM. Since they are an MLM company, they will emphasize the importance of recruiting members. Now, recruiting members is hard. It will rob you of your time in selling products. And a company that focuses too much on recruiting members have a bad image in general. The company will look like a scam on the public because it only uses their MLM structure to profit. People will think that their products are only dummy products.
  • Shawn Talbott, one of their founders, have a past issue with another founded MLM company. He had some bad raps about a certain product that has been wrongly advertised and overly exaggerated. The particular product in question refunded millions and millions in cash to all entities that filed a lawsuit. All in all, the whole ordeal was ugly, and everyone thought that Talbott would not step foot on the MLM business again but lo and behold! Although we shouldn’t judge a person based on his past, one can’t hide the fact that it’ll have some effect on your marketing efforts sooner or later.


Do You Think Amare Global Is A scam?

On the thought of judging the phrase “Amare global is a scam,” one can’t absolutely judge a company unless it is blacklisted in the Federal government or it is a company that suddenly disappeared.

So far, Amare Global is a legitimate company with a legitimate product and a clean record. However, Amare Global is not a solid income source if you are looking for a full-time freelance type of income.


The company had just begun in 2016, and for sure, the majority of their current members aren’t yet earning that much yet. What I’m absolutely sure is, the top executives of the MLM structure gets most of the profit generated by the lower tiers.

Another hurdle that makes it difficult to be successful in Amare Global is the price range of the products. Their products’ prices go as high as 800 dollars. 800 dollars is a pretty large sum for a mere mental health supplement. It’s not entirely impossible to sell through, the hefty price just means, your market will have to dwindle down.

In addition to expensive products, in order for your pocket to truly breath, you have to perform an elaborate effort to recruit team members. For most MLM business owners, recruitment is the way to go if you truly wanted to be successful. The thing is, it’s hard to recruit members if you don’t know how to market the company’s business structure as well as the products sold.

Shawn Talbott’s involvement with the company might have an effect on your marketing efforts. This little feature wouldn’t be a problem, though, as long as you don’t disclose it to prospective clients.


Final Thought

To be honest, I’m not an avid fan of MLM companies. With this being said, I like disclosing the facts behind these companies as it might help some people who want to see an overview of a particular MLM company. And let’s be honest, MLM’s are pretty ancient and too open for fraud and illegal transactions.

If you are looking for a safe online freelance business, why don’t you try affiliate marketing or any other online business that yields solid results? Online businesses do not require you to recruit any member. You also have the freedom to advertise or feature any product you like without the restrictions that MLM’s offer. Fun fact, it’s also free. You just need to invest your time and skills diligently for you to earn passively in the coming years.

Try to look for a business that uses your inherent skills and passion. These are the ones worth investing for, as, despite the profit and long-time investment, you will still love what you’re doing.

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