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I Work Online and Make Money From Home, Which Replaces My Full-time Job. Are You Interested To Know, How I Have Started And Now Established My Online Business? Before That Let Me Introduce Myself.

Who I Am

I am Nazmun, a wife and a mom  and the founder of Learn and Earn Affiliate. I have started my online business journey a few years back. Before that, I used to work as a senior health care assistant. I have no previous online business knowledge. But I was interested to learn and work online as I could give more time to my children and family.

Once I came across one of the world's famous platforms- Wealthy Affiliate, where I have started my learning journey as well as earning.

Now, this business replaces my full-time job.

Believe me, I was in the same position where a housewife used to be, who has no prior online business knowledge, no technical or programming knowledge, even English was not my first language.

But I Did It.

Now Your turn.

If I can Do it, you can do it as well. Believe Yourself!

Do You Want Me To Personally Help You As A Mentor-To Achieve Your Online Business Success? 

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What Is Wealthy Affiliate?

wealthy affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is an online platform where you can learn all the knowledge to start your online business, like how I have learned and earned.

You don't have to buy, stock or hold any product, instead of there are 598,500,000 Products you can instantly sell from online.

All you need training and guidance only, which Wealthy Affiliate will give you.


What You Will Get Inside Of Wealthy Affiliate?


Website & Tools

Live Support & Community

Wealthy Affiliate Cost

Free Membership($0/pm)

  • Earn from 550+ MILLION Products
  • Two FREE Profit Ready Websites
  • Step-by-Step Affiliate Marketing Training
  • Live, 24/7 Coaching
  • Join Over 1.4 Million Entrepreneurs



Premium Membership($49/pm)

  • Unlimited training
  • Upto 5o FREE Profit Ready websites 
  • Live chat
  • 24/7 support
  • Have access to Affiliate Programms
  • Jaaxy Lite (Keywords research tool)
  • Access to site comments(Make money by commenting)
  • Access to weekly live training
  • You Can Get 61% discount for first month membership fee if you upgrade within 7 days(Only $19 for first month).

Success Stories From Wealthy Affiliate

Jerry Hung

Meet Jerry Huang, 21 years college dropped boy, who had started his journey from Wealthy Affiliate in  2016 and now he has established his 5 figure online business.

Check some of his experienced which he shared with us.

Little mama

This is Grace (Known as little mama), a mom,wife-who is in Wealthy Affiliate from 2016,now she has online business from where she earns 4 figures in a month.

Check Grace Experience

Who's For Wealthy Affiliate?

Anyone, who are interested to work from home, work from online.
No technical knowledge or prior knowledge required, because the training from Wealthy Affiliate designed in a very easy and understandable way which anyone can follow and take action. It is for housewives (like me), for the student, retired person, jobseeker or could be a web developer or advanced online marketer.
From beginner to advanced level for all.

Some Common Question Asked About Wealthy Affiliate

How does wealthy affiliate works?

-Wealthy Affiliate works for all-who interested to earn passive income and who are consistent and passionate to work online. All you need to follow the training which is step by step and after finishing your training whatever task you have seen, just do it. Wealthy Affiliate will show you from the beginning to the end. You can make a website in less than 5 minutes. And How you can make money from your website, all you will find inside of wealthy affiliate training.

If You still have question,then check this blog-   "Does Wealthy Affiliate Really Work? - $400 From One Post"

Who owns wealthy affiliate?

-Kyle & Carson

How legit is wealthy affiliate?

-Wealthy Affiliate is 100% legit.Because for first time creating account you don't need to pay anything,even Wealthy Affiliate don't ask your credit card or payment details.

To learn more about this topic,check this blog-"Is Wealthy Affiliate Legit And Worth The Money?"

Is wealthy affiliate really free?

-Yes, Free membership is free, no payments required.

Is Wealthy Affiliate  has yearly membership option?

-Yes,for yearly membership fee is $359 (Discount included).

How long it will take to make money from online?

-It all depends on you, how much effort you giving. Check this blog-

    "How Long Does it take to Make Money Online?"

Can I make money from inside of wealthy affiliate?

-Yes, you can earn money from inside of Wealthy Affiliate in different ways and one of the most popular ways by commenting on site comments.Check this out how it is works-"Get Paid to Post Comments"

What if I will not happy in future can I cancel my premium membership?

-Yes,you can cancel your premium membership anytime if you want.

-Is Make Money Online Hard?

- No,absolutely not.You don't need any special requirement to work online,if you follow the training-you can work online,like how I am doing.

-I Hate Direct selling,do I need to sell product to my friends & family?

-​Don't worry, this is not a traditional product selling job. You are building a business where you will have a website and where people will come from their own, you don't have to invite anyone to sell your product. And how this system work you need to learn, and Wealthy Affiliate will help you.


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